4 Email Marketing Tips That Will Help You Connect With Subscribers

Do you feel slightly disappointed when you look at the stats from your email list?  Maybe you expected to see more clicks or reads than you did.  If your email list doesn’t seem very responsive to the emails you send out, then maybe your email marketing strategies could use a little help.  Let’s look at some tips to help you write emails to your subscribers they can’t help but open.

1.  Personalize Your Emails

Personalizing your emails can make a world of difference.  People are social creatures, so when you speak one-on-one to them, there is a greater sense of connection and trust.  And as you know, trust is essential to have between you and your list of subscribers.  Make your list feel as though you are their friend, not some corporate figure sending them emails.  Use words like “you” and don’t choose automated greetings.

2.  Offer Free Help

Being a friend means always being there and helping out your subscribers.  Encourage them to ask you questions whenever they don’t understand something or if they need help.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to them and just talk.  Give them freebies that will help them learn and achieve their goals.  After all, they follow you for a reason so don’t let them down.

3.  Empathize With Their Struggles

Relate to your subscribers.  If you have a list of people who want to learn how to make money online, let them know it’s possible.  Tell them how you struggled with it at first and overcame those barriers.  This brings you to more of a personal level with them, not to mention encourages them and makes them feel like they can accomplish the same.  Struggle makes you more human and real to them.  It will help them to trust you more and reach out to you when they have issues.

4.  Write Good Subject Lines

You can provide the best content in the world to your subscribers, but it will all be pointless if they don’t open your emails.  In order for your emails to stand out in a crowded inbox, you’ll need to write a good subject line.  Try something different that no one else is doing, these often perform well.  Remember that simplicity works well, as does promising something good.  Use emotional power words in your subject line to get people to click your emails.

To really break down the barriers between you and your readers, you will need to connect with them.  Be personable and do something different.  Offer some extra help to let your subscribers know you care.  If you need some assistance managing your lists or creating emails that will get opened and read, please don’t hesitate to contact us!