Announcing One Click E-mail Marketing

One Click E-mail Marketing

Our new One Click E-Mail Marketing Program

Brings the power of e-mail marketing to small business owners, letting them concentrate on their business not on ours.

Many small businesses want to get into e-mail marketing. It is an excellent way to grow your audience, get your message out and keep customers coming back for more. But many small business owners are too busy running their small business. At HTML we strive to ensure our technology solutions empower small business owners. Not bog them down with more tasks. With that in mind we created our new One Click E-mail Marketing Program.

With this new program we will establish a MailChimp account for you. Then call you on the phone and conduct a short interview. We use the information obtained in the interview to fully customize your account. Including building an e-mail template tailored to the look and feel of your website or promotional materials. We will set up your client groups, customize all of the automated response messages and connect your account to social media. Setting up MailChimp is super easy and fast if you just want to get going but if you dive in deep MailChimp offers tons of options, that most customers don’t bother configuring. It’s those options that make your account polished and professional. The One Click E-Mail Marketing Program takes care of all of those options and more.

Once the program has been started you just e-mail us with your content. We put it in your template, and send it directly to your contacts. Although MailChimp is easy to use on it’s own, this new program allows you to just send an e-mail. Nothing can be more simple. That’s how you can do e-mail marketing in just one click.

*MailChimp Sold Separately, Monthly Fee assessed for e-mail configuration and sending.

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