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CES 2018

There were a lot of things that came out of CES 2018, but there were a few that stood out the most amongst CES goers.

Samsung's The Wall

We have seen TVs evolve from using plasma to LEDs. While companies and brands try to outdo each other with 4K displays, others emphasized sizes of their screen.

Samsung took it up a notch by presenting The Wall, which features 146 inches of microscopic LED that emits its own light to create vibrant 4K color quality. It is the first ever modular TV that utilizes MicroLED. The MicroLED screen, as defined by Samsung, "excels in durability and effectiveness, including luminous efficiency, the light source lifetime and power consumption, setting the standard for future screen technology."

With its bezel-less design, it would be an excellent addition to a large home theater room.

Home and Entertainment

Samsung The Wall CES 2018 | HTML Global

Photography credit: Samsung Newsroom / Article source: IGN

Digital Storm's Spark

With the scope of technology trending to be more travel-friendly, size is one of the key components for consumers to purchase a piece of technology. Companies are branching out to create laptops that are lighter and thinner, smartphones that offer gaming experiences that you would get playing on a computer, and as revealed at CES, even desktop computers are shrinking in size.

Digital Storm showcased the Spark which is a 12 by 4 inches customized gaming desktop. It can be configured to a Nvidia GeForce GTC 1080 and an Intel Core-i7 87000K processor all in its small chassis with a custom liquid cooling piping built in. Currently, Spark starts at $1,299 with a GTX 1060 but is upgradable as you order one.

Smaller Sized Tech

Digital Storm Spark CES 2018 | HTML Global

Photography credit: PC Mag / Article source: PC Mag

Toyota e-palette

We have all seen what amazing things hybrid and electric cars can do with their energy efficiency technology. Now take everything that is currently out and apply it to commercial cars. Toyota introduced their e-Palette, a rectangular shaped box on wheels that drives itself to where ever you need it to go.

Toyota has partnered with Uber, Mazda, Amazon, Pizza Hut, and Didi for e-Palette which will begin testing in 2020. Somewhere in the coming future, your custom ordered pizza will be delivered straight to your home on a vehicle without a driver. (Black Mirror, anyone?)

Transporation Technology

Toyota e-Palette CES 2018 | HTML Global

Photography credit: Business Insider / Article source: Engadget

Sony Aibo

There is a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence. Sophia, a well known intelligent humanoid robot, is a great example of its compatibility. While her conversational ability is part scripted and part AI, she is able to produce roughly 60 different facial expressions and will eventually be able to walk.

What really caught the eyes of CES spectators this year was not a humanoid, but a robotic dog. Sony reintroduced their robotic dog, Aibo. It uses its sensors and cameras to detect its surroundings and compute your interactions with it through voice commands and positive reinforcements. Currently, it is purchasable only in Japan for 198,000 Yen (Roughly $1,770) but will be launched later this year when it has the approval of FCC.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Sony Aibo CES 2018 | HTML Global

Photography credit: CNET / Article source: TechRadar

What was your favorite announcement from CES 2018?