Big Changes Start Next Week – Find More Mobile-Friendly Search Results in Google

Mobile-friendly search results

Google is constantly working to improve the algorithms they use to help index the websites that show up in searches. For some time now, mobile-friendly sites and apps were thought to impact search results but Google has finally confirmed that every site must now be mobile-friendly to rank well in their search engine. Starting April 21st, whether or not your website is mobile-friendly will directly impact your rankings in Google searches. Users will now be able to discover mobile-friendly content more easily than ever before. If your current website design and marketing plan does not include mobile-friendly work, you must now make sure that mobile users are as important as your desktop search customers. Sites that are not mobile-friendly will fall further down any search list and will undoubtedly lose potential customers.

How can I find out if my site ready for mobile-friendly search results?

Don’t just assume your site is mobile-friendly. Google is making it easy for anyone to find out if their site is mobile-friendly enough to be properly indexed. Simply enter your website address into this mobile-friendly test, and you will get quick results. You must then share these results with your webmaster, designer or developer so that they can begin to take action to correct anything that Google identifies on this test.

I used the test to determine if my site is mobile-friendly. Now what?

If you took the mobile-friendly test and failed, it will be essential to move quickly to get changes made to your site. Until this is resolved, you will lose your place in searches, regardless of what kind of ranking you may currently hold. With more consumers using searches to influence their buying than ever before, any drop in your ranks in searches can hurt your bottom line. Don’t panic, though. Google is offering this guide that will help you learn more about optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly. You will be able to see the work that needs to be done. Then we highly recommend working with your webmaster, a developer or a skilled partner to help you actually go about making changes to your site. This can be a tricky process for someone not familiar with web design and SEO best practices. Beginning to change your site without the guidance of an expert can do more harm than good. A developer will be able to assist you easily and meet your SEO goals.

If you took the mobile-friendly test and passed, don’t assume your work is done. Chances are there are still minor changes that could be made that would help you further optimize your site to appear as high as possible in your chosen keywords. These will be very advanced adjustments to your website infrastructure and content and should not be attempted by anyone other than a webmaster or developer.

Get Help Optimizing Your Site for Mobile-Friendly Search Results and Much More

HTML Global can help you find out how mobile-friendly your site is now and will work with you to develop a plan to further optimize to rank even higher in organic and paid searches. Our web development and digital marketing experts have years of experience creating beautiful, functional and user-friendly websites. We can help you design a new site or optimize an existing one and then can enhance your project with SEO services and technology enhancements like LiveChat. We are official Google Partners and can help you manage future updates to help stay ahead of the ever-changing world of development and search engines. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you ensure your site is ready for mobile-friendly search results – we look forward to helping move your business forward!

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