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Online Video Ads

Online Video Ads – Creating Content to Get Noticed

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It is no secret that video is currently winning the content wars. And online video ads offer brands a chance to engage directly with their customers. With many dynamic platforms available to businesses of any size, there is no reason that video content shouldn’t be a vital part of your ad spends and marketing efforts. Online video ads are helping business reach their target audience in engaging, interesting and dynamic ways.

Online Video Ads Should Inform, Engage, Build Loyalty

Whether you are marketing B2B or B2C, it is your job, of course, to inform your audience on who you are and what you do. With the growth of video platforms and increased access to quality internet services, sharing your message has never been easier. Consumers and decision-makers seek information constantly. Video will capture attention unlike text or pictures. It can help inform, while engaging your audience. Research has shown that 7 out of 10 people who watch video content about a brand or service view them more favorably after watching that interesting content. And that is perhaps the biggest key to creating successful video marketing. The content needs to be interesting. Spend time really working on what you want your videos to say to your audience. What do you want them to take away from every view? Forrester researcher, James McQuivey, says that “if a picture paints 1,000 words, then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million”. That’s a lot of words that can be taken away from even a short, 15-second clip. It is important to make each of them count.

Be Seen Where Your Audience is Searching

An important trend in online video ads is to make sure you’re really putting your video content where your targets are already viewing videos daily. “One in three adults between ages 18-54 use their smartphone as their primary device for watching video.” (source) Not only is this important group watching on their devices, but they also prefer YouTube to engage with brands.  “Online video can be much more than an awareness driver. New research shows that YouTube not only drives brand metrics throughout the consumer journey—from consideration and favorability to purchase intent—but also boosts potential for positive return on ad spend compared to TV.” (source)

They Want to Do. They Want to Learn. They Want to Buy

Consumers are seeking out new micro-moments constantly. Creating content that can place your brand in the right places during these micro-moments that can keep their attention and is a key to success with online video ads. Google describes a micro-moment as “an intent, rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need – to know, go, do, or buy.” And they want what they want when they want it. So brands that capture attention during these critical moments will be ahead of the competition. Using video ads to place your brand in the right places (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Adwords, Website, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) will create an instant bond between you and the consumer and help drive them toward more of your content, and ultimately, a purchase.

Be Creative with a Purpose

Not all online video ads are winners and will capture the right attention. And there is a good reason for that. Not just any video about your brand will work in these short moments of discovery. Crafting a careful message that can be conveyed in 5 seconds or less takes experience. While it may seem like a great idea to use your iPhone film your CEO talking about how cool your product or service is, you will do more of disservice to your marketing efforts than  you will help it. There is a science to creating videos that get noticed. For example, your videos must be optimized for longer views and not contain any “skippable” content. There are many best practices for creating video content. Choosing the right team to produce your company’s digital messages will help you ensure a great ROI and a much more fun relationship with your consumer.

The HTML Global Creative Services team offers high-quality video services that will help get you noticed and create engaging relationships with your customers. Send us an email or give us a call at 800-So-Simple (800-767-4675) to learn more about our services and how we can help you optimize your online video ads with creative, well-executed, and innovative content.

Online Local Business Listings

Local Business Listings News: Google, Reviews and More

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Take Your Online Local Business Listings to the Next Level with One Robust Tool

Consumers hold the power of knowledge right in their hands. Using smartphones and tablets, a new shopper is armed to find the right price, the right location and the right recommendation for any product or service they need. Optimizing the online local business listings these savy consumers are seeking for information is key to any marketing plan – and it’s a crucial step towards securing your business’s online presence. Powerlistings+ offers you the chance to manage your local business listings in one spot, without having to spend time manually keeping up with each site. Imagine being able to reach 100+ listing sites in one location. Pretty handy, right? And think of all of the time you’ll be saving…

A Real-Time Solution for Updating Your Google Listings

How many times have you been shopping or curious about a product and you said to yourself “Google it”? It’s no secret that consumers of all kinds turn to Google to find information, business hours, location, phone numbers, deals, photos and much more about local businesses. As a business owner, keeping this information updated can be a challenge and often requires contacting Google directly and waiting hours and days to see your information updated. In late 2015 Google opened up its developer API for Google my Business, Google Search, and Google Maps, leading to a revolutionary development for any business owner. Powerlistings+ now connects with and syncs to Google. (and there was much rejoicing) We’re excited about this addition because now you can truly control ALL of your local business listings from one place with Powerlistings+. Stay on top of your listings and ahead of changes with Google. For example, last year, Google started requiring that any business who hadn’t been logged into their Google My Business account in over 6 months log in or risk being unverified. With Powerlistings, your account is constantly synced and active so you won’t worry about missing big changes like this.

Engage, React and Respond to Online Reviews

One of our favorite features of Powerlistings+ is it’s amazing Review Catcher. As a Powerlistings+ customer, you will receive real-time notification of negative reviews, allowing you to respond to any negative posting in a timely manner. Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth and may be even more powerful than the traditional way of passing along good news about a product or service. According to a recent study, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. These numbers don’t lie. Reviews can make or break a local business. Having a way to address anything negative said about your company is invaluable in this kind of consumer environment.

Take control of your online local business listings with Powerlistings+. Between the power to update listings across hundreds of website – including Google! – at once and also catch and react to reviews this service saves you time, effort and money. And those are just a couple of the features offered with a Powerlistings+ subscription.

Please contact us at 800-So-Simple (767-4675) or by email for more information about this great product and for a complimentary online local business listings scan to see how your business is being seen in local business listings.

Web Development for Business - Best Chicago Web Designers 2016

HTML Global Chosen one of the Best Chicago Web Designers

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We’re One of the Best Chicago Web Designers!

HTML Global is proud to have been chosen amongst the best Chicago Web Designers by Expertise. This is a wonderful acknowledgement and a true testament to the skills of our entire web development team.

How We Were Selected

Being named one of the best Chicago Web Designers doesn’t come easy. Expertise analyzed 844 different web development firms. Their process included reviewing each of these firms carefully and rating them based on the following criteria:

  1. Reputation – A history of excellent service and happy customers.
  2. Credibility – Demonstration of industry expertise with credentials, licenses, certifications, and awards.
  3. Experience – Considered masters of our craft blending education with practical experience.
  4. Availability – Consistently approachable and responsive.
  5. Professionalism – Offering a seamless customer experience.
  6. Engagement – Using technologies to communicate with customers on many different platforms.

It’s truly an honor that we were chosen amongst the few that met all of the above criteria (and went above and beyond them too). We take pride in offering exceptional customer service along with really great websites.

Delivering expertly designed websites for our clients is just part of the HTML Global experience. We work hard to tailor our projects to the needs of each client, helping you to meet your specific goals. We believe in becoming your technology partner and supporting your business as we develop your website. And we offer very competitive pricing.

Contact Us to Learn More

Please email our team or call us at 800-So-Simple (767-4675) if you’d like to learn more about our Web Design and Development services. We will set up a complimentary 1-hour technology assessment to discuss your Website and Business Technology needs. No obligations. Just a chance for us to and learn more about your business. We look forward to meeting you soon!
-HTML Global Web Design Team-

eCommerce Website Solutions Checklist

Ecommerce Website Checklist for Back-to-School Success

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The days ahead are a great time for retailers to analyze, prepare and do everything they can to ensure their eCommerce website is optimized for the back-to-school season. There are some very crucial elements to consider to make sure your site is ready to not only process sales but increase them too. A poorly performing eCommerce website can mean the loss of profits and customer trust. Here is a quick checklist of some of the most important items to consider as you work to optimize your site.

Is Your Ecommerce Website Mobile Friendly?

If you answered no to this question, please move this item to the top of your list of things to do right after reading this article. Mobile search and sales are increasing at extremely fast rates. Not only are your customers looking for easy-to-use mobile sites, but Google is also checking for this too. How mobile-friendly your site is will directly impact your SEO efforts and search results. “As of March of this year, a little over half of retail shoppers were using a desktop for online purchases, but mobile device use is catching up, accounting for 34 percent of retail sales. In addition another 13 percent of shoppers are using tablets, according to IBM’s annual Online Retail Readiness Report. In terms of online retail traffic, 50 percent of all traffic is taking place via a mobile device and 26 percent of sales this year will be made with a consumer using a mobile device”. (source) As you can see not having a mobile-friendly site can drastically impact your search results. Working with a developer to help you make your site easy to use on mobile devices will be a big factor in how your site performs.

Start running Pay-Per-Click Ads (and optimize the ones you are already running).

Pay-per-click ads are a wonderful use of marketing dollars for an eCommerce website. With so many consumers using search to find the products they want to purchase, it is crucial to put your site in front of your target audience. Google Adwords will help you expand your reach, and soon Google will also help you sell your products, as well. Google is slowly unveiling its long-awaited “Buy Now” buttons in Google Ads. These buttons will allow consumers to purchase your products via Google and allow you to still have control over sizing, options, shipping and more. Major retailers like Macy’s have already gotten on board this initiative, with many more to follow soon. It also seems that Google has been more mindful of your costs to run ads like this. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Google will still be paid by retailers through its existing advertising model, rather than taking a cut of the sales price of items—the usual way online marketplaces like Amazon’s and eBay’s work.” Google emphasizes that they are looking to help their partners (advertisers) increase conversion by reducing problems purchasing on mobile devices for consumers.

If you were buying from your site, would you like your checkout process?

eCommerce websites need constant monitoring and maintenance. It is important that the overall experience your visitor/purchaser gets when they use your site increases sales and takes advantage of opportunities. Something as seemingly small as a flaw in your checkout process can drastically impact your sales. Have you carefully analyzed your checkout process recently? Is everything as easy as possible and focused on helping the customer purchase? Take a few minutes to act as a consumer on your own site. If you find that you get frustrated or things are taking too long, etc. you need to address that process right away. Busy parents don’t have the time, or patience, for complicated checkouts and they will move to other sites if yours isn’t tailored to ease of use.

Do your customers have a way to get help fast?

As we mentioned, back-to-school shoppers are busy and need every part of the process to be as easy as possible. This includes support. Offering a chat solution on your site will allow you the invaluable opportunity to handle customer issues in real time. Consider a platform like LiveChat. LiveChat can integrate into your existing site and provide you with some real solutions to marketing, re-marketing and capturing sales on your website. With one live chat agent you can help resolve ten times more customer service issues than with just one person running email and phone channels. This service can help you handle the increase in interactions your ecommerce website will see as back-to-school demand increases.
Take some time in the coming days to analyze your eCommerce website for opportunities to increase sales, engagement and performance. This work will be crucial to your success. Back-to-School season should be a great time for you as a retailer to increase profits, with as little stress as possible. However, adding this kind of analysis to an already busy list can seem overwhelming. HTML Global can be a trusted partner to handle your eCommerce website optimization and enhancements. Our services are designed to help our customers increase sales while making sure their site performs well, regardless of how their customers are purchasing. We offer full eCommerce website development, hosting, payment solutions, pay-per-click marketing management, services like LiveChat to help with customer service and much more. Contact us for a consultation and evaluation of your website. Our experts will provide you with the support you need to maximize this busy back-to-school season.

Education Technology Investment

Save, Share and Protect Your Schools’ Education Technology Investment with Google

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With the start of a new fiscal year comes the responsibility of a new budget allocated for your district’s education technology investment. Balancing the needs of your students and teachers with the overall costs associated with keeping technology updated can be tricky. Searching high and low for solutions will produce one answer – Google. We realize that’s pretty ironic, but it is the truth. Google is leading the charge in helping schools connect, share and protect their education technology investments. If your schools are not already using Google for Education, or if you want to enhance your current Google services, this article will help you understand some of the amazing ways you can get Google in your classrooms.

One of the best things about Google is that like the products they offer consumers, their education solutions are designed to encourage collaboration. Google wants to help you put the power of technology in the hands of all of your students with products like Chromebooks. Or it wants to offer your teachers a completely innovative way to share the world with their students with software like Expeditions. Google is working hard to develop tools that will help students, parents, teachers and administrators work together and experience the power of connected learning.

Chromebooks – A Truly Economical way to Meet (and Keep) Your 1:1 Goals

Meeting 1:1 device goals can put a strain on any district’s budget. Google Chromebooks are a perfect way to put powerful laptops in your classrooms without a huge price tag. Chromebooks are designed to run only apps and software that you allow in your domain. They are loaded with software that is needed to run Google Apps for Education and its many applications. Brands like Lenovo and Samsung offer great devices that can put the power of Google in the hands of your students and teachers. In a recent article from EdTech, teachers and administrators describe how Chromebooks have changed the way their students learn, interact and use technology. There are also examples of schools that have switched from notebooks, which can be heavy and costly to maintain, with Chromebooks to save on maintenance costs and assist with the ease of using the rest of Google’s suite of education technology solutions.

Protecting your Education Technology Investment with Chrome Licenses

Deciding to purchase Chromebooks is only the first step towards creating a secure collaborative environment. To manage your Chromebooks, you will need Chrome Licenses. These inexpensive per device licenses give any administrator the power to fully support your fleet of Chromebooks from anywhere, at any time. Easily choose apps that you want your teachers and students to have access to. Quickly setup a new user on your domain. With just a few clicks view details on any device being used by anyone. A Chrome License is the key to successfully, and safely, connecting technology with the people that need it most in your schools.

Education in the Cloud with Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education will open up all of your devices to your favorite Google products. Applications like Docs, Sheets, Hangouts, Drive and more have been specifically tailored to an educational setting but allow users who are familiar with Google the same features they are used to. A highlight of this group of apps is undoubtedly the most recent addition, Classroom. Classroom, released in 2014, “uses Google’s Docs, Drive and Gmail to make assignment creation and tracking easier for teachers, while also allowing them to make announcements, ask questions and respond to student questions in real-time.” (source) When you add Apps for Education to your technology plan you are instantly giving every user access to great programs like Classroom. Updates and new apps are being added every year by Google. An investment in Google Apps for Education will continue to pay off for years.

Take Your Students on Trips Around the World with Expeditions

Reliable hardware, smart software, and instant collaboration are all pretty cool features of Google for Education. What if we told you that you could offer your teachers a way to take students on field trips anywhere in the world with some cardboard and a smartphone? Google Expeditions is a revolutionary new way to use Virtual Reality (VR) technology in the classroom. When you purchase expeditions you get a tablet and smartphones and Google Cardboard, the awesome cardboard that turns those smartphones into VR devices. Expeditions uses these simple pieces of technology to show students places like the pyramids and other wonders of the world – without ever having to leave the classroom. This article from PC Magazine explains how teachers are using this technology to show their English students where Romeo and Juliet lived or what the Great Barrier Reef looks like for curious Marine Biologists. Debuted at this year’s I/O, Expeditions is really poised to change the way students explore the world around them.

Bringing Google into your education technology investment plan means offering more than just low-cost hardware and software solutions. It means changing the way your students learn, the way your teachers teach, and how administrators control their important data. At HTML Global®, we are Google Apps for Education Partners, which means we are amongst a select few that have the training and knowledge to help our clients install and manage Google products. We offer competitive pricing on Chromebooks as well as Chrome licenses that are purchased without having to go through a third party. We have everything you need to bring Google’s amazing solutions to your schools before the start of the next school year. It’s the perfect time to contact us for a consultation and make sure that you get Google added to your list of priorities for any future education technology investments.

Google I/O 2015 Keynote

Google I/O 2015: Keynote Recap – News, Announcements and More

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Google I/O 2015 kicked off yesterday in California with a keynote address packed with big announcements and great new developments. This keynote proved that Google is doing everything it can to produce software that will improve our lives and the way we interact with every device we encounter along the way. Let’s go through a few of my favorite announcements from the keynote and explore what’s ahead this year for Google.

Google Photos – Software to Organize, Store, and Interact with Every Photo You Take

One of the biggest announcements during the keynote was the debut of Google Photos. This inclusive software will be available for Android, iOS and desktop interfaces. Frankly, I was blown away by the potential in Google Photos. Imagine being able to organize your photos so that you can see, with one click, every photo you have ever taken of a loved one. Then imagine taking those photos and automatically creating a collage with a photo assistant that is directly built into the software. Google Photos is thoughtful, intuitive and will help even a total novice take their entire photo library to a digital platform without costing a penny. That’s right…the best feature of Google Photos is no doubt the fact that users will be able to store an unlimited amount of photos and videos for free! This is a huge value-added incentive when you consider that most smartphones offer limited storage and all of us are taking more photos and videos than ever before. Never again will you have to miss out on the cool moments of life because you have no room left on your device. Oh, and Google Photos is available NOW!

Project Brillo – Things we Use Everyday Interacting with Us and Each Other

A while back we talked about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how the future of development was being geared toward taking things we use every day online. Well, Google has been hard at work designing the language and software items like our stoves, HVAC units, and washing machines need to be able to talk to us, via the web. Project Brillo is underlying operating system for the Internet of Things. Brillo enabled devices can communicate with each other, with the user and understand context. Google is working with many manufacturers and is already developing products that will have Brillo built in. Soon you can start your oven warming, turn on the A/C and schedule your lights to turn on from your smartphone – and that’s just a small example of the endless possibilities Project Brillo brings to enhancing our lives.

Android M, Google Pay and Google Now on Tap – Enhancing Your Mobile Experience

Android users were treated to some great news with the announcement of Android M – to be released later this year. The updated OS will include features like fingerprint sensor recognition and Doze. Doze is a tool that kills background applications when the device recognizes they’re not in use. This will help conserve battery life, especially on devices running many processes. Google Wallet never quite took off, and Apple debuted Apple Pay earlier this year, meaning Android users did not have a mobile pay option. Google has fixed this and showed off features of Google Pay. This mobile payment system will be able to be run on any devices using Kit Kat or higher, allowing users to safely store card information and pay anywhere that accepts wireless payments. Google Now on Tap is a powerful new component of the mobile OS and will help your device be able to add context to your interactions, provide you with smarter answers and take action based on this information. Even if you are already familiar with Google Now, you will be very impressed with Now on Tap’s ability to run inside apps and services giving you instant information.

Enhanced Virtual Reality – Coming to a Smartphone Near You

Google showed us Cardboard last year – the cool little device that can be folded into a VR headset for your smartphone. Yesterday they showed off Cardboard 2015, which now allows for smartphones with screen sizes up to 6 inches. They also announced Expedition, a program that will provide smartphones and Cardboards to classrooms so that teachers can “take” their students on VR fieldtrips anywhere in the world. But the news that got the room buzzing most was Google’s partnership with GoPro to show off Jump. Jump will allow any smartphone to record VR video. It puts any camera you use in a ring to be able to shoot 360-degree video. YouTube will support this platform later this summer.

Participate in Google I/O 2015

It’s not too late to participate in this conference and you don’t have to be in California. Check out the live stream up on the I/O site, which gives you instant access to the presentations happening now. Even if you aren’t a developer I promise you’ll learn something cool and amazing about the world of Google.

Even More News to Follow

Like I said, I have only hightlight a few of my favorites, but at over 2 hours, yesterday’s keynote was full of great stuff. Take a look at a couple of other articles that summarize the keynote and the products unvieled.

PC World

The Verge


Google I/O 2015 – Live Stream

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Google I/O is two days of inspirational talks, hands-on learning, and a chance to hear more about Google’s latest developer products.

The conference kicks off today, Thursday, May 28th. Google has made all of the live streams available so that you don’t need to be in California to get inspired and learn. Check back here starting at 11am CDT to catch the live stream of this year’s keynote address. And keep an eye out for other cool live streams and news on what’s ahead for developers and Google in 2015.

Boosting Productivity with the Right Business Technology Services

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Technology keeps making it easier for companies to ensure their employees get the tools they need to do their jobs well. Boosting employee productivity can be as easy as choosing the right business technology services. With the economy improving, and competition heating up to keep good talent, it is important to select the right services that will help, not hinder, your employee performances.

There are many specific things you may need your technology services to do for you or your employees, based on your business. However, if you are adding new services or analyzing what you are currently using, it is helpful to start by following a few general guidelines. We like to think of these as the three guidelines as the “I”s – Increase Employee Collaboration, Improve Employee/Customer Relationships and Inspire Employees. Every service you choose for your business should be able to offer these three ideas to every employee, and often your customers, too.

Increase Employee Collaboration

Any service you choose needs to help support employee collaboration. Cloud computing has given companies new ways to communicate and change the way they interact. Every business, regardless of size, needs a way to share documents and work on projects together, but that service must also increase employee collaboration. Google Apps for Work is a standout leader in the cloud computing world, specifically because it offers so many ways for your people to “talk” to each other and share ideas. Google Apps for Work gives you immediate access to tools that help strengthen the way your employees approach projects and how they discuss their ideas moving forward. Recently in this article on LinkedIn, Rahul Sood, a former Microsoft executive, talked about why he chose Google Apps for Work over Microsoft 365 for his startup. One of the main reasons he chose a Google product over one from his former employer? Collaboration. “Real-time collaboration on Google is better, you can tell it was built from the cloud up. Google Drive is much easier to administer than OneDrive”. He also discusses how Gmail is much easier to use than Outlook or other email clients. Google simply does easy, intuitive design better than Microsoft. Google Apps for Work shows off this design and creativity and integrates lots of other great tools for collaboration at the same time.

Improve Employee/Customer Relationships

Services meant to support your business should also help improve employee/customer relationships. There are many ways to improve your customer communication, so we will just discuss one of our favorites for now, LiveChat. (Follow our Blog for more) LiveChat is an excellent way to help capture potential business on your website, but can also help support existing relationships. Clients are busier than ever and may not have time to pick up the phone or fire off an email to ask a question about a product or service you offer. Using LiveChat on your website will allow these customers to speak in real time with someone from your company. This gives your customers instant access to help and support. Your employees will be able to build stronger relationships and quickly build trust. LiveChat can also be used on mobile devices, making a perfect tool for an entrepreneur or small business that needs to monitor customer communications while on the go. Imagine how delighted your customers will be to receive an instant response, instead of waiting a day or two for an email or call. This delight will no doubt mean a stronger bottom line. And your employees will feel empowered to promise superior customer service.

Inspire and Train Employees

While looking at enterprise software (the fancy way to say “things that help you work’), don’t forget that you will need a way to train and inspire your staff. It’s tough to get a small business team in the same room. Having a way to be able to schedule time to gather the troops and distribute messages, new materials, information and more without being face to face is important. Consider adding GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToAssist and UberConference to your list of “can’t live without” enterprise software. These services will help you put your information in front of anyone, anywhere. And the best feature of these services? Once you purchase them, you can use them for any purpose. Share a presentation with a new client or show an existing client how a new campaign is performing without having to be in the same room. Train your employees on a new system or host virtual team meetings. These things and so much more are possible when you choose to implement these kinds of software.

There are many services and tools that claim to help support your business. Having a trusted partner to help you decipher which services will actually help you work smarter, not harder can be a lifesaver for any sized company. HTML Global® can be your partner as you find ways to increase your employee productivity and change the way you communicate with your customers and team. In honor of National Small Business Week, we are offering 10% off of any new service to our clients.* Explore the unlimited benefits enterprise software can offer and save money at the same time. Contact us to learn more about this special offer. We look forward to helping you keep your business moving forward!


*Disclaimer – some products follow MAP pricing and are not eligible for discounts. Limited time offer. Must be a new service that is not currently a part of an existing project or contract.
Mobile-friendly search results

Big Changes Start Next Week – Find More Mobile-Friendly Search Results in Google

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Google is constantly working to improve the algorithms they use to help index the websites that show up in searches. For some time now, mobile-friendly sites and apps were thought to impact search results but Google has finally confirmed that every site must now be mobile-friendly to rank well in their search engine. Starting April 21st, whether or not your website is mobile-friendly will directly impact your rankings in Google searches. Users will now be able to discover mobile-friendly content more easily than ever before. If your current website design and marketing plan does not include mobile-friendly work, you must now make sure that mobile users are as important as your desktop search customers. Sites that are not mobile-friendly will fall further down any search list and will undoubtedly lose potential customers.

How can I find out if my site ready for mobile-friendly search results?

Don’t just assume your site is mobile-friendly. Google is making it easy for anyone to find out if their site is mobile-friendly enough to be properly indexed. Simply enter your website address into this mobile-friendly test, and you will get quick results. You must then share these results with your webmaster, designer or developer so that they can begin to take action to correct anything that Google identifies on this test.

I used the test to determine if my site is mobile-friendly. Now what?

If you took the mobile-friendly test and failed, it will be essential to move quickly to get changes made to your site. Until this is resolved, you will lose your place in searches, regardless of what kind of ranking you may currently hold. With more consumers using searches to influence their buying than ever before, any drop in your ranks in searches can hurt your bottom line. Don’t panic, though. Google is offering this guide that will help you learn more about optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly. You will be able to see the work that needs to be done. Then we highly recommend working with your webmaster, a developer or a skilled partner to help you actually go about making changes to your site. This can be a tricky process for someone not familiar with web design and SEO best practices. Beginning to change your site without the guidance of an expert can do more harm than good. A developer will be able to assist you easily and meet your SEO goals.

If you took the mobile-friendly test and passed, don’t assume your work is done. Chances are there are still minor changes that could be made that would help you further optimize your site to appear as high as possible in your chosen keywords. These will be very advanced adjustments to your website infrastructure and content and should not be attempted by anyone other than a webmaster or developer.

Get Help Optimizing Your Site for Mobile-Friendly Search Results and Much More

HTML Global can help you find out how mobile-friendly your site is now and will work with you to develop a plan to further optimize to rank even higher in organic and paid searches. Our web development and digital marketing experts have years of experience creating beautiful, functional and user-friendly websites. We can help you design a new site or optimize an existing one and then can enhance your project with SEO services and technology enhancements like LiveChat. We are official Google Partners and can help you manage future updates to help stay ahead of the ever-changing world of development and search engines. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you ensure your site is ready for mobile-friendly search results – we look forward to helping move your business forward!

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy News – Facts may Replace Links to Determine SEO Ranking

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Your content marketing strategy could soon be impacted by a potential big change in Google’s ranking methods. This possible change would use fact-checking algorithms to rank articles, cross-checked against the Knowledge Vault that the company has been building. This has the potential to have great impact on how content is presented across the internet. We want to help prepare you for what these changes could mean for your business.

Having a solid content marketing strategy is a necessity for any business whose goals are to increase B2B and/or B2C engagement. More importantly, well-written and carefully assembled content marketing will improve a company’s ranking on search engines. A thoughtful strategy considers that the methods search engines use to rank content is constantly changing. Businesses must ensure they are keeping an eye on the “rules” and how Google and other search engines are ranking information.

Why is Google Fact-Checking?

Search engines like Google keep their full list of secrets to how they rank websites carefully guarded. However, SEO tools like link-building have been proven to positively impact a site’s ranking . Because of this, content marketing can now be misused to spread links rather than share information. Google has been building a Knowledge Vault for some time now that experts predict may be used to start checking facts to determine ranking. Websites will then be given a Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT) score based on how many true facts their content contains.

How will this impact SEO Ranking and Content Marketing Strategy?

Google is careful to not share too much information with us now, but this development could mean that it would be more important than ever to have a trusted content marketing strategy. Many businesses using simple content with few facts but strong link-building to help them rank higher will need to change their approach. Of course, we hope that you are already using thoughtful, accurate articles to market your business. But soon you will not have a choice and strong content woven carefully with factual information will be mandatory to achieve a high KBT. Marketers and business owners will need to allow for time to more time to research and analyze before writing. Producing content that includes helpful information for your target audience requires knowledge of SEO ranking methods, standard writing practices and how search engines function. If Google moves forward with the KBT score ranking, you can add needing knowledge of each topic you write about to that list.

What can you do to prepare for these changes?

Choose a trusted partner to help you with your digital marketing strategies, like content marketing. HTML Global®’s team of experts have the knowledge needed to help produce quality content that will get your website ranked. We understand that capturing a target audience’s attention takes careful research and analysis. We will help integrate your website design, overall marketing plan and company message into the content produced. Please take a moment to read more about the content marketing services we provide and contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you as you grow your brand in the digital space!