Boosting Productivity with the Right Business Technology Services

Technology keeps making it easier for companies to ensure their employees get the tools they need to do their jobs well. Boosting employee productivity can be as easy as choosing the right business technology services. With the economy improving, and competition heating up to keep good talent, it is important to select the right services that will help, not hinder, your employee performances.

There are many specific things you may need your technology services to do for you or your employees, based on your business. However, if you are adding new services or analyzing what you are currently using, it is helpful to start by following a few general guidelines. We like to think of these as the three guidelines as the “I”s – Increase Employee Collaboration, Improve Employee/Customer Relationships and Inspire Employees. Every service you choose for your business should be able to offer these three ideas to every employee, and often your customers, too.

Increase Employee Collaboration

Any service you choose needs to help support employee collaboration. Cloud computing has given companies new ways to communicate and change the way they interact. Every business, regardless of size, needs a way to share documents and work on projects together, but that service must also increase employee collaboration. Google Apps for Work is a standout leader in the cloud computing world, specifically because it offers so many ways for your people to “talk” to each other and share ideas. Google Apps for Work gives you immediate access to tools that help strengthen the way your employees approach projects and how they discuss their ideas moving forward. Recently in this article on LinkedIn, Rahul Sood, a former Microsoft executive, talked about why he chose Google Apps for Work over Microsoft 365 for his startup. One of the main reasons he chose a Google product over one from his former employer? Collaboration. “Real-time collaboration on Google is better, you can tell it was built from the cloud up. Google Drive is much easier to administer than OneDrive”. He also discusses how Gmail is much easier to use than Outlook or other email clients. Google simply does easy, intuitive design better than Microsoft. Google Apps for Work shows off this design and creativity and integrates lots of other great tools for collaboration at the same time.

Improve Employee/Customer Relationships

Services meant to support your business should also help improve employee/customer relationships. There are many ways to improve your customer communication, so we will just discuss one of our favorites for now, LiveChat. (Follow our Blog for more) LiveChat is an excellent way to help capture potential business on your website, but can also help support existing relationships. Clients are busier than ever and may not have time to pick up the phone or fire off an email to ask a question about a product or service you offer. Using LiveChat on your website will allow these customers to speak in real time with someone from your company. This gives your customers instant access to help and support. Your employees will be able to build stronger relationships and quickly build trust. LiveChat can also be used on mobile devices, making a perfect tool for an entrepreneur or small business that needs to monitor customer communications while on the go. Imagine how delighted your customers will be to receive an instant response, instead of waiting a day or two for an email or call. This delight will no doubt mean a stronger bottom line. And your employees will feel empowered to promise superior customer service.

Inspire and Train Employees

While looking at enterprise software (the fancy way to say “things that help you work’), don’t forget that you will need a way to train and inspire your staff. It’s tough to get a small business team in the same room. Having a way to be able to schedule time to gather the troops and distribute messages, new materials, information and more without being face to face is important. Consider adding GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToAssist and UberConference to your list of “can’t live without” enterprise software. These services will help you put your information in front of anyone, anywhere. And the best feature of these services? Once you purchase them, you can use them for any purpose. Share a presentation with a new client or show an existing client how a new campaign is performing without having to be in the same room. Train your employees on a new system or host virtual team meetings. These things and so much more are possible when you choose to implement these kinds of software.

There are many services and tools that claim to help support your business. Having a trusted partner to help you decipher which services will actually help you work smarter, not harder can be a lifesaver for any sized company. HTML Global® can be your partner as you find ways to increase your employee productivity and change the way you communicate with your customers and team. In honor of National Small Business Week, we are offering 10% off of any new service to our clients.* Explore the unlimited benefits enterprise software can offer and save money at the same time. Contact us to learn more about this special offer. We look forward to helping you keep your business moving forward!


*Disclaimer – some products follow MAP pricing and are not eligible for discounts. Limited time offer. Must be a new service that is not currently a part of an existing project or contract.

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