Business Technology to Watch for in 2015

Business Technology Trends in 2015

2015 is off to a great start and if you haven’t done so already, it is time to look ahead at what is in store for business technology this year. There are a number of advancements that will prove themselves as more than just passing trends. As technology continues to become more mobile and accessible than ever before, companies must ensure that their business technology solutions follow suit. We have identified a few of the most important advancements companies need to take notice of and take action on in the coming year.

  1. Liquid Computing

It’s no longer acceptable to just be able to access shared documents, files and applications via any device, but companies must also consider the user experience they are offering when working across multiple platforms. Increase productivity with a service that will offer your employees and partners an all-access experience. Google Apps for Work is a trusted solution that will enhance the “liquid computing” experience. “Liquid Computing” is described by InfoWorld executive editor “as the effect of ad hoc networking among personal devices, where you can save state as you move from smartphone to laptop to tablet to desktop.” (source)

  1.  A Cumlative Cloud

Chances are you are familiar with cloud computing, but this year expects to see the entire cloud experience grow more cumlative. More businesses are seeing the benefit of doing away with costly hardware and moving operations, storage and support services to a cloud solution. These services are proving a superior way to increase productivity and connectivity for employees and customers.  Cloud services can be accessed by any device, at any time, and will reduce total IT costs. Managing these services properly will be the key to a successful transition. Be sure to choose a partner that will thoughtfully analyze and plan to help your business get most out of your cumlative cloud and support services experience.

  1.  Internet of Things

More than just the hot buzz phrase of the moment, the Internet of Things will revolutionize the way businesses interact with consumers. The Internet of Things (IoT) is “everyday objects imbued with intelligence and connectivity”, according to Inc. This phenomenon will touch both personal and business endeavors. More and more products will be released this year featuring technology to connect users with ways of enhancing their experience. Whether it’s a refrigerator equipped to run applications via wifi allowing you to import and store recipes or a home thermostat controlled from any web-enabled device, you can be sure the IoT will have a big impact on business. These kinds of fast-paced changes in business technology make it important to work with an experienced web development partner. If your business is considering entering the IoT market, your partner will help you put together a plan to move forward thoughtfully and creatively.

The year ahead in business technology is full of exciting new developments. HTML Global® is committed to helping our clients make the most of their budget and provide cost-effective solutions to increase productivity, sales and efficiency. Contact us and we will assist your business with tackling these and many other emerging technology trends in 2015.

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