Save, Share and Protect Your Schools’ Education Technology Investment with Google

Education Technology Investment

With the start of a new fiscal year comes the responsibility of a new budget allocated for your district’s education technology investment. Balancing the needs of your students and teachers with the overall costs associated with keeping technology updated can be tricky. Searching high and low for solutions will produce one answer – Google. We realize that’s pretty ironic, but … Read More

Google I/O 2015 – Live Stream

Google I/O is two days of inspirational talks, hands-on learning, and a chance to hear more about Google’s latest developer products. The conference kicks off today, Thursday, May 28th. Google has made all of the live streams available so that you don’t need to be in California to get inspired and learn. Check back here starting at 11am CDT to … Read More

Google Apps for Education Best Practices – Using a Consultant for Successful Management

Managing Google Apps for Education

Collaborative learning in schools is essential to the success of students and teachers. Google Apps for Education offers school districts a free way to open up the world of collaboration within its schools. Districts that offer Google Apps for Education give their students access to real world communication experience. Teachers have more options to share information, give feedback on work … Read More

Google Your Education with Google Apps for Education

What do you do when you don’t know the answer to something?  Why you Google it of course.  Well, Google isn’t just the go-to for every day questions; Google has a suite of apps that are showing up in classrooms across the country. So, let’s go over some of the Google Apps for Education and how they are applicable in the classroom. … Read More

Empower Teachers and Engage Students with Google Classroom

Google has made some incredible strides to enhance the classroom experience for teachers and students alike, and the company’s Apps for Education is set to release the latest, greatest tool yet this fall: Google Classroom. For teachers new to Google Apps for Education, this may seem like just another attempt at a “paperless classroom”, but it looks like Google may have … Read More

Google Apps forms Refresh

Google Apps forms Refresh

In case you missed it Google Apps recently refreshed their forms feature and it now includes some really excellent upgrades.

Google is making a change to the packages they offer

Add Google Apps for Business to your domain today

Here’s some important news about Google Apps–but don’t worry, there’s no need for you to take any action. We just want you to know that Google is making a change to the packages they offer. Starting today, Google is no longer accepting new signups for the basic version of Google Apps, and the option to switch to this version will … Read More