How to Be Found in Local Business Listings

Local Business Listings

The most important part of a search for your business, is being found. Of course you are not trying to hide your business, but if your local business listings cannot be found online, nobody will be able to find you.  Claiming, updating and maintaining your local business listing is top priority if you want customers and prospects to find you online.  This is where … Read More

Announcing One Click E-mail Marketing

One Click E-mail Marketing

Our new One Click E-Mail Marketing Program Brings the power of e-mail marketing to small business owners, letting them concentrate on their business not on ours. Many small businesses want to get into e-mail marketing. It is an excellent way to grow your audience, get your message out and keep customers coming back for more. But many small business owners are too … Read More

Does domain registration length effect SEO rank?

Does domain length effect SEO ranking?

The rumors are swirling around again that domain registration length effects search rankings. Google even has a patent that they filed a few years back allowing them to effect the SEO of a site based on the length of registration. If your business strives to be at the top of its SEO game why not take advantage of something that might help but might … Read More

Your website and social media plan have to work together

Social Media Plan & Website have to work together

Social Media and SMO firms are running rampant, they are all over, they hire all kinds of random people that live in their parents basements.  They will put you on Facebook  tweet for you on Twitter they will do Instagram, Reddit or the latest craze in the social-sphere  But in dealing with customer after customer I keep hearing the same thing. These firms are all … Read More

The web is personal again… Authors in the modern age.

Google's Author Tags Link Content Back to it's authors.

Google recently announced its support for the “Author” tag to help track content across the web regardless of its location. This new tag connects authors directly to the content they create. But what does this mean for small business? I boils down to this. With content being tracked to the author small businesses must decide on their identity and ensure they stick to it … Read More

Hashtags Small Business are they relevant?

  More than ever small businesses are taking to twitter for their social media presence. The problem is most small businesses are not social media experts. They sell products, serve dinner, cut hair and provide services for countless things but sending a tweet is not the primary objective. It is a bit of a misnomer that hashtags are required when using … Read More

HTML Joins Constant Contact’s Growing List of Business Partners

To Provide Clients with Effective and Affordable Tools to Build Strong, Lasting Customer Relationships Skokie, IL – August 1st, 2011- HTML today announced they have joined Constant Contact’s Business Partner Program. HTML is able to provide their clients with easy-to-use email marketing and online survey products to help them build strong, lasting customer relationships. Constant Contact®, Inc. ( is a … Read More

Constant Contact Partnership

We recently started a partnership with constant contact to offer their industry leading email marketing services to our clients and others but with the value added services of HTML. This new partnership allows anyone with constant contact to contact us for free personal customer service. Call us anytime and reach a real live customer service rep who knows the details … Read More

To follow, or not to follow, that is the question…

The average Joe that does not create websites every day has no idea that behind almost every website there are specific instructions given to search engines which denote whether or not that sites information should be indexed and made searchable on the web. If your corporate website was made by a kid in a basement or a guy over seas … Read More

Google+ and Twitter/Facebook

Got that new Google+ account and you love it but are annoyed that you have to post status updates to Facebook and Twitter separately? So were we. So we spent some time searching around on the internet and found a simple and easy fix… well sort of. Although there is no easily maintainable link at the moment, I assume because Google … Read More