Stay in “Constant Contact” with Your Customers

Constant Contact offers more then e-mail marketing

Email is a very powerful marketing tool for small businesses. With Constant Contact, an all-encompassing email marketing and online survey product, Hunt Technology Management Limited (HTML) will set you up to stay in “constant contact” with your clients and prospects. You will receive maximum results quickly with a minimal investment of time and money.

Why is Constant Contact email marketing perfect for your small business?

1.  Simple – Design high-quality emails, manage contacts, track success, all with free coaching and support.  Customizable templates with drag and drop technology make it easy for even the graphically-challenged to create beautiful, professional-looking emails.  No technical experience necessary.

2.  Speedy – An email call to action generates a speedy response.  “Click here to take advantage of this coupon/free trial/offer that ends tomorrow.”  You can even receive real-time reports to see what is and is not working and traditional reports to manage campaigns.

3.  Segment – Easily sort and segment your lists so that your promotions are directly targeted and personalized to the appropriate group – the group which will most likely respond to this particular offer.  Tools to grow your email list and manage contacts are also included.

4.  Savings – Email marketing is a powerful way to stretch your marketing budget.  Unlike direct mail, there is no cost for printing or postage.  Think of the money you will save by emailing a marketing piece to 1,000 customers, as opposed to sending it via postal mail.  A Social Share Bar may be included so that customers can easily share the important information in your email, which will generate, more leads.

5.  Sales – Email marketing allows you to be in “constant contact” with your customers, as opposed to sitting around and waiting for them to contact you.  You can expect email marketing to increase sales, drive traffic to the website, create new customers, and strengthen relationships with existing customers.

In addition to handling emails, Constant Contact allows you to engage customers with online polls and surveys which can be posted to Facebook and Twitter with one simple click.

Contact an email marketing expert at HTML today to learn how you can take advantage of this powerful, email marketing tool and stay in Constant Contact with your customers and prospects.

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