Content Marketing Strategy News – Facts may Replace Links to Determine SEO Ranking

Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy could soon be impacted by a potential big change in Google’s ranking methods. This possible change would use fact-checking algorithms to rank articles, cross-checked against the Knowledge Vault that the company has been building. This has the potential to have great impact on how content is presented across the internet. We want to help prepare you for what these changes could mean for your business.

Having a solid content marketing strategy is a necessity for any business whose goals are to increase B2B and/or B2C engagement. More importantly, well-written and carefully assembled content marketing will improve a company’s ranking on search engines. A thoughtful strategy considers that the methods search engines use to rank content is constantly changing. Businesses must ensure they are keeping an eye on the “rules” and how Google and other search engines are ranking information.

Why is Google Fact-Checking?

Search engines like Google keep their full list of secrets to how they rank websites carefully guarded. However, SEO tools like link-building have been proven to positively impact a site’s ranking . Because of this, content marketing can now be misused to spread links rather than share information. Google has been building a Knowledge Vault for some time now that experts predict may be used to start checking facts to determine ranking. Websites will then be given a Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT) score based on how many true facts their content contains.

How will this impact SEO Ranking and Content Marketing Strategy?

Google is careful to not share too much information with us now, but this development could mean that it would be more important than ever to have a trusted content marketing strategy. Many businesses using simple content with few facts but strong link-building to help them rank higher will need to change their approach. Of course, we hope that you are already using thoughtful, accurate articles to market your business. But soon you will not have a choice and strong content woven carefully with factual information will be mandatory to achieve a high KBT. Marketers and business owners will need to allow for time to more time to research and analyze before writing. Producing content that includes helpful information for your target audience requires knowledge of SEO ranking methods, standard writing practices and how search engines function. If Google moves forward with the KBT score ranking, you can add needing knowledge of each topic you write about to that list.

What can you do to prepare for these changes?

Choose a trusted partner to help you with your digital marketing strategies, like content marketing. HTML Global®’s team of experts have the knowledge needed to help produce quality content that will get your website ranked. We understand that capturing a target audience’s attention takes careful research and analysis. We will help integrate your website design, overall marketing plan and company message into the content produced. Please take a moment to read more about the content marketing services we provide and contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you as you grow your brand in the digital space!

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