Does domain registration length effect SEO rank?

Does domain length effect SEO ranking?

The rumors are swirling around again that domain registration length effects search rankings.

Google even has a patent that they filed a few years back allowing them to effect the SEO of a site based on the length of registration. If your business strives to be at the top of its SEO game why not take advantage of something that might help but might not. Take a second to watch and listen to the video below. Matt Cutts at Google was asked the question and he gave an answer. But what did he really say?

NOTHING. He gave a press answer saying things like “Don’t worry nearly as much about how many years your domain is registered for”… He never said no. He was careful to skirt around the answer.

Then there is this video posted shortly after. To “Clarify”.

Again nothing direct. There are loads of other videos, other opinions and all sorts of articles swirling around the internet about this very important question.

For our clients we recommend the safest path possible. Register your primary domain for the full 10 years. Best case you can renew each year and always have piece of mind that you wont have to worry about expiration; worst case you don’t renew it again for ten years.

Either way it’s less paperwork, fewer transactions and one thing to take off your plate as a busy business owner. Current customers can renew their domains for 10 years for a one time fee of $149.99, we will continue to send yearly invoices to keep your domain at its full potential.

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