PowerSchool Active Directory Sync

Want to sync student data between PowerSchool and your Active Directory? Or create Google Apps for Education accounts from Powerschool data? We have the solution for you with our PowerSchool Active Directory Sync.

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Save time and reduce errors

Remove the hassles of managing student accounts.

Create them automatically when a student is enrolled. Save your IT staff or administrators time and reduce the likelihood of human errors. We have experts to take care of the install and monitoring of the entire process. All that is required is a server with Active Directory in your network and a SIS that can export CSVs.

PowerSchool Active Directory Sync with Google for Education | HTML Global

Our PowerSchool to Active Directory service will fully manage your users automatically using your SIS data.

  • Reduce tech staff time spent managing users
  • Create student accounts automatically
  • Assign groups, OUs and passwords automatically from PowerSchool
  • Automatically switch student OUs as they change grades, buildings or based on other criteria
  • Automatically add rich profile data to Active Directory from powerschool
  • Set student passwords from inside PowerSchool
  • Sync student accounts to Google Apps for Education from powerschool data through Active Directory
  • Process is fully managed and monitored
  • Daily e-mailed reports

Works with PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Genesis, CrossPointe, RealTime or any other SIS capable of creating CSV exports

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