Save, Share and Protect Your Schools’ Education Technology Investment with Google

Education Technology Investment

With the start of a new fiscal year comes the responsibility of a new budget allocated for your district’s education technology investment. Balancing the needs of your students and teachers with the overall costs associated with keeping technology updated can be tricky. Searching high and low for solutions will produce one answer – Google. We realize that’s pretty ironic, but it is the truth. Google is leading the charge in helping schools connect, share and protect their education technology investments. If your schools are not already using Google for Education, or if you want to enhance your current Google services, this article will help you understand some of the amazing ways you can get Google in your classrooms.

One of the best things about Google is that like the products they offer consumers, their education solutions are designed to encourage collaboration. Google wants to help you put the power of technology in the hands of all of your students with products like Chromebooks. Or it wants to offer your teachers a completely innovative way to share the world with their students with software like Expeditions. Google is working hard to develop tools that will help students, parents, teachers and administrators work together and experience the power of connected learning.

Chromebooks – A Truly Economical way to Meet (and Keep) Your 1:1 Goals

Meeting 1:1 device goals can put a strain on any district’s budget. Google Chromebooks are a perfect way to put powerful laptops in your classrooms without a huge price tag. Chromebooks are designed to run only apps and software that you allow in your domain. They are loaded with software that is needed to run Google Apps for Education and its many applications. Brands like Lenovo and Samsung offer great devices that can put the power of Google in the hands of your students and teachers. In a recent article from EdTech, teachers and administrators describe how Chromebooks have changed the way their students learn, interact and use technology. There are also examples of schools that have switched from notebooks, which can be heavy and costly to maintain, with Chromebooks to save on maintenance costs and assist with the ease of using the rest of Google’s suite of education technology solutions.

Protecting your Education Technology Investment with Chrome Licenses

Deciding to purchase Chromebooks is only the first step towards creating a secure collaborative environment. To manage your Chromebooks, you will need Chrome Licenses. These inexpensive per device licenses give any administrator the power to fully support your fleet of Chromebooks from anywhere, at any time. Easily choose apps that you want your teachers and students to have access to. Quickly setup a new user on your domain. With just a few clicks view details on any device being used by anyone. A Chrome License is the key to successfully, and safely, connecting technology with the people that need it most in your schools.

Education in the Cloud with Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education will open up all of your devices to your favorite Google products. Applications like Docs, Sheets, Hangouts, Drive and more have been specifically tailored to an educational setting but allow users who are familiar with Google the same features they are used to. A highlight of this group of apps is undoubtedly the most recent addition, Classroom. Classroom, released in 2014, “uses Google’s Docs, Drive and Gmail to make assignment creation and tracking easier for teachers, while also allowing them to make announcements, ask questions and respond to student questions in real-time.” (source) When you add Apps for Education to your technology plan you are instantly giving every user access to great programs like Classroom. Updates and new apps are being added every year by Google. An investment in Google Apps for Education will continue to pay off for years.

Take Your Students on Trips Around the World with Expeditions

Reliable hardware, smart software, and instant collaboration are all pretty cool features of Google for Education. What if we told you that you could offer your teachers a way to take students on field trips anywhere in the world with some cardboard and a smartphone? Google Expeditions is a revolutionary new way to use Virtual Reality (VR) technology in the classroom. When you purchase expeditions you get a tablet and smartphones and Google Cardboard, the awesome cardboard that turns those smartphones into VR devices. Expeditions uses these simple pieces of technology to show students places like the pyramids and other wonders of the world – without ever having to leave the classroom. This article from PC Magazine explains how teachers are using this technology to show their English students where Romeo and Juliet lived or what the Great Barrier Reef looks like for curious Marine Biologists. Debuted at this year’s I/O, Expeditions is really poised to change the way students explore the world around them.

Bringing Google into your education technology investment plan means offering more than just low-cost hardware and software solutions. It means changing the way your students learn, the way your teachers teach, and how administrators control their important data. At HTML Global®, we are Google Apps for Education Partners, which means we are amongst a select few that have the training and knowledge to help our clients install and manage Google products. We offer competitive pricing on Chromebooks as well as Chrome licenses that are purchased without having to go through a third party. We have everything you need to bring Google’s amazing solutions to your schools before the start of the next school year. It’s the perfect time to contact us for a consultation and make sure that you get Google added to your list of priorities for any future education technology investments.

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