Embracing Restaurant Technologies to Boost Sales and Customer Interaction

Embracing Restaurant Technology

In October, during the Industry Innovation Summit, the National Restaurant Association released research that clearly showed technology use in restaurants is on the rise. New advances in customer-facing restaurant technologies, as well as those that improve restaurant operations, are crucial to the success of any sized restaurant. Having systems in place that improve the customer revised-Technology-Tile_250-x-425experience and control costs will lead to greater profits. Celebrity chef and restaurant owner Robert Irvine understands the growing market for technology in restaurants and discusses these developments in this short film. As he discusses, technology is no longer an optional feature for restaurants, but it is needed to continue to capture customers and control costs.

Consumers expect to see technology used at many key places during the restaurant experience. Within the restaurant walls reliable communication and phone equipment is something that is more than expected, it is mandatory. An antiquated phone system with bad reception and no voicemail, for example, can lead to losing customers who call and do not get an answer or can’t hear the staff member on the other end. While at the restaurant, customers are looking for technology at all points of service. They expect to be able to connect to a reliable wifi signal at the table, as an example. New technology like ordering kiosks, mobile devices for servers to take orders and waitlist apps are becoming commonplace. Chefs and back-of-the-house staff are also using technology to help with inventory, purchasing and cost control. The days of clipboards and pencils are gone and in their place are more sophisticated devices and software. In order to offer these kinds of services, a restaurant must invest wisely into reliable and secure internet solutions. Standard internet service will not be able to support this growing need. It is important to work with a trusted partner, like HTMLGlobal®, who will provide and manage services like Comcast Business Voice Edge (BVE) and Business Class Internet, and other highly reputable products.

Restaurants are presented with many options for credit card processing, but not every service will be a good fit. Cost per transaction, fees and the reliability of the service should be considered before transitioning to a new service. Is the service your restaurant is using robust enough to grow with your business? As customers demand more options like mobile pay, will your service be able to adapt to new technology? Of course reducing processing fees will help increase your bottom line, and any service should be able to clearly outline the fees that would be charged. Running a restaurant is stressful enough without having to consider complicated rate plans. Let HTMLGlobal® be your trusted partner for credit card processing solutions that make sense. We will help negotiate the best possible rates for your restaurant and can offer to beat competitor pricing. Our service partners can offer access to tools like mobile processing, ACH payments, and POS systems.

A restaurant’s online presence must be finely tuned in order to capture the attention of an online audience. Websites must be able to convert easily to mobile devices, while still offering key information like location, contact number and menus. Also, with the increased popularity in online ordering, any restaurant looking to grow their sales outside of their four walls must have an easy-to-use and functional site, or risk losing customers. Having a beautiful and functional website is a must for any successful restaurant. What a consumer finds when they perform an online search for your restaurant can also make or break a dining decision. Optimizing local listings so that you appear at the top of search results is crucial to make sure you stand out amongst your competitors. Consider using services like Google Adwords as a low cost option to bring even more attention to your brand.

Running a restaurant is more than a full-time job, it is a lifestyle. Managing technology is a task that can be overwhelming for any restaurateur. This is why working with a trusted partner is highly recommended for installing and controlling any kind of technology. HTMLGlobal® can offer your restaurant years of experience with communications, internet services, website design and online listings. We can help you find the best solutions for your business, while keeping your profits and customer satisfaction top of mind. Don’t let your competitors get ahead by offering services your restaurant is not equipped to handle. Contact us today and learn how easy it can be to improve your services and overall experience with superior technological offerings for your customers, staff and vendors.

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