Finding Your Target Audience through Social Media Marketing

Narrowing your wide customer base down to a target audience is difficult enough. You need to be sure that your large investment will be marketed to right people who will appreciate your product or service. But actually communicating with your target audience can be even harder, especially if your business is on a tight budget. Thankfully, social media marketing is changing the game for small businesses that are seeking ways to communicate with their target audience. Social media marketing is cheap and it allows marketers to pick and choose which users the company account follows.

As explained in a recent Fourth Source article, targeting an audience on social media is not only simple, but it also pays off. According to the article, building a target audience on social media starts with adding followers, and then hoping that roughly half of them follow you back:

“Social media is a marketer’s demographic dream. Not only can you target followers based on geography and keywords, you can also “invite” your competitor’s customers to view your wares. Simply follow your ideal followers, and the polite etiquette of social media means around 50 per cent will follow you back. A morning’s fishing can bring a haul of new potential clients to your feed.”

Only following people who have already followed you doesn’t quite cut it on social media. There’s a good chance that many of those followers don’t fall into your target audience and are unlikely to visit your website or make a purchase any time soon.

Following other users first, however, can lead to a strong customer base. Your marketing team can select the users it follows based on the corresponding demographics of your target market. If only half of users decide to follow back, than endeavor was well worth it.

Following and finding people or companies are just a couple of the ways that the correct audience can be found on social media. If you would like more information about the many other ways of finding a target audience through social media marketing, contact us. We will assist you with planning, executing and analyzing your social media endeavors.