Google+ and Twitter/Facebook

Got that new Google+ account and you love it but are annoyed that you have to post status updates to Facebook and Twitter separately? So were we. So we spent some time searching around on the internet and found a simple and easy fix… well sort of.

Although there is no easily maintainable link at the moment, I assume because Google and Facebook (who is in bed with Twitter) are fighting for world domination there is a little work around to this issue.

Step one: Sign into twitter then go to and make an account, takes two seconds its free and automatic. Select (Subject) as the what to tweet item once the account is set up. Then add your new twittermail address to your Google+ account in a new circle just for twitter.

Step two: Sign into facebook then go to and copy and paste your “Send to Facebook E-mail address” and again add it to Google+ with its own circle.

Step three: Post whatever to Google+ and just select your new circles to post to, you have to leave e-mail notifications turned on in order to make this work. You will also need to keep the items going to twitter short as it cuts off after about 40 characters, this does not seem to happen to Facebook posts.


We will have to wait and see what’s in store for Google+ but with that little + on every Google page they will absolutely make a dent in the Facebook stronghold on social media.


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