Google Apps for Education Best Practices – Using a Consultant for Successful Management

Managing Google Apps for Education

Collaborative learning in schools is essential to the success of students and teachers. Google Apps for Education offers school districts a free way to open up the world of collaboration within its schools. Districts that offer Google Apps for Education give their students access to real world communication experience. Teachers have more options to share information, give feedback on work and interact with their classes. Parents can monitor their students’ progress easily and communicate directly with school personnel. There are so many benefits to this great software (read more about Google Apps for Education HERE), but taking full advantage of the benefits requires a technology partner that will help you install, manage and update these apps.

Our district or school has decided to use Google Apps for Education…now what?

First, you will need to transition your existing databases, email accounts, calendars and more over to Google. Your district’s IT staff can help manage this transition but it is highly recommended to use a trusted Google partner to actually complete the switch. Google partners are completely trained and certified in the products offered and can guide your staff through each step in the process. Your teachers and students will still need to access important documents and communicate while this transition is completed so it is crucial that you have backups of all information.

Second, you will need to provide extensive training to all teachers and administrators and later students and parents, before using Google Apps for Education. A Google services partner can spend the time required to properly train everyone that will be interacting with the apps within your schools. Coordinating schedules, handling testing and being available for questions are time-consuming tasks. Your staff needs to keep teaching and maintaining your existing infrastructure. Training provided by your consultant frees up teachers to focus on students, while learning their new collaborative tools.

The next step will be to plan your strategy to manage the apps for your schools moving forward. Google is constantly working hard to provide the best experience possible for its users. Updates and new apps are constantly being rolled out to users. In many cases, just monitoring these changes can be a full time job. Choosing to work with a consultant will offer you a chance to get the most out of the investment you have made to properly integrate Google Apps for Education into your schools. A consultant will also help you make informed decisions, save on licensing and infrastructure and manage your users. Your consultant will ultimately support the IT staff that supports your schools. If you don’t have a dedicated IT staff, a consultant will be your best option for ongoing management of your Google Apps for Education.

Finding a Google partner is easy, with HTMLGlobal®

HTMLGlobal® can offer your school district trusted consulting services to help you make the most of Google Apps for Education. We have years of experience helping schools of all sizes integrate these powerful collaborative tools into their existing infrastructures. You will benefit from our support as we help install, manage and update your Google Apps and provide comprehensive training to your staff and students. Contact us now and learn more about our consulting services and how to take collaborative learning to the next level with Google.

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