Google Apps for Education

We are a Google Partner with years of experience with education deployment, training, management and operations.

As a representative of Google and the Google brand, we will show you how Google Apps for Education will change the way your administration, staff,students and parent communicate and work. We will develop a solution that offers simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools for any size school or district – all designed to streamline setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce your costs. Working with a partner ensures a personal support structure, we offer a complete setup solution complete with training materials and best practice implementation. We add value for our Google Apps for Education customers above and beyond what Google for Education supplies on its own.

We handle the technical side of your implementation by:

  • Setup of Google for Education Directory Sync (GADS) to keep your Google Apps for Work in sync with your current Active Directory environment, this reduces your tech staffs workload by duplicating your user directory structure, user objects and even groups.
  • Setup of Google for Education Password Sync (GAPS) to keep your users passwords in sync, this reduces future support calls, reducing the risk of users losing their passwords and ensuring an extra layer of security by only allowing users to change their password while physically at your location.
  • General Administration, Setup or Troubleshooting of Google Apps for Education We can handle the whole domain administration console, ensuring your domain is setup with best practices customized to your organization.
  • Migration of existing mail, contacts and calendars to Google Apps for Education. We manage the whole process ensuring your data is migrated and available to your users without interruption.
  • Assistance and migration planning for desktop client users. We will help you put a plan in place to get your desktop client users into the cloud. Reducing the needs of your support staff and providing a better experience for your users.
  • Direct support conduit. You can always reach out to Google for support but we offer immediate, direct contact with a specific individual point of contact for your organization. No need to wait on hold or email back and forth for a few days.

Click on the GET STARTED button and one of our product specialists will get back to you right away to get your Google Apps for Education project started.