Grow Local Business with Niche Marketing

Sometimes we are taught that you can grow a small business by taking on local, regional and national competitors.  The major and minor competition is our business enemy and we have to attack them hard.  However, you cannot start with top competitors.  This approach is how many companies crash and burn.  Your strategy should be an easy challenge, like building a fan base.  This fan base is a niche market and will help grow local business.

A niche market is a small section of the industry where few competitors exist.  Since there’s less competition, the niche market gives local businesses an opportunity to create a long-lasting and loyal group of fans.  From there you will have enough customers to aim higher while remaining true to loyal followers.  Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to start a niche marketing campaign.

When you begin, there must be a need for a product or service.  It will help if it’s something that many competitors don’t have.  Use that to lure people into your business.  Customers will look at everything else you have to offer and ultimately will make some kind of sale.

Focus on what your business provides and your location.  Both of these traits will push your company into customers’ eyes – albeit through the back or side door, but these customers will become your most loyal.  In that perspective, someone is bound to see you.  The location brings local residents into your shop while the product or service will serve a group of people who need it.  In a way, the results will become local people who are interested in your product or service.  Now it may not seem like many people to market towards, but the ones who fit the locale and the interest in your company will spread the word to other people through word of mouth, social media and online review websites.

Keep in mind that keywords describing the location and service/product will help with local SEO results.  The results attract local search users looking for the product or service to your website by placing your business on the front page.  Have more than one keyword and mix match the city and state in each one.  Two examples are “furniture Chicago” and “Illinois jewelry.”  It’s easier to manage than using broad keywords dominated by larger competitors.

Create a website suited for your specific location.  Each location within you own should have its own section of the website.  Local customers are not interested in looking in another state for the same services offered close by.  A website devoted to that area attracts eyes.  If your company has more than one location, you’ll get many eyes per location meaning more visitors to turn into customers.  Another alternative is to use a keyword as the URL address.  Take “Illinois” from the keyword above, for example, and coin it as your URL address.  Another example is “ComputerRepairChicago.”  Search engines work better with URLs that double as keywords.

Taking a large company head on while you’re a startup is doomed for failure.  However, if you focus on a local, niche market you will find more success and a loyal customer base. These tips will get your foot in the door to grow local business. We are experts at growing local business and can work with you to begin marketing your business. Please contact us for more information.