Hashtags Small Business are they relevant?

hashtags small business

Are hashtags relevant to small business?


More than ever small businesses are taking to twitter for their social media presence. The problem is most small businesses are not social media experts. They sell products, serve dinner, cut hair and provide services for countless things but sending a tweet is not the primary objective.

It is a bit of a misnomer that hashtags are required when using twitter. In fact all twitter activity is searchable, regardless of the hashtags used. They can be used to sort tweets into conversations. For large companies with big advertising budgets, they can be used to send many twitter users into the same conversation with hashtags like #TheVoice or #NBCNews. These only work because there is a big push behind them for people to use those specific tags.

But how relevant are hashtags for small business?

For small businesses they just take up space.

Here are some good practice rules when using hashtags for small business.

  • Don’t use more than two per tweet.
    • “#hashtags #are #great #for #small #business” is bad but “#smallbusiness” is great
  • Don’t use stop words in your hashtags
    • “#thefoxinthehole” is not effective but “#foxhole” works just fine
  • Don’t use more than two words per hashtags
    • “#hashtagsdontworkforsmallbusiness” but a whole tweet like “Do you think #hashtags work for #smallbusiness” would be just fine

A better practice is to call out one of those larger companies, or celebrities who’s audience may be interested in your tweet.

One of our customers who sell collectibles sent us the following tweet for suggestions: “The Miami Heat, Lebron Hames, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh bobbleheads! goo.gl/LL2z2
So for instance they could use: “The #MiamiHeat Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh #bobbleheads!  goo.gl/LL2z2
How can you make your tweets even more relevant?
Call on someone who might have a direct interest in your subject matter. Using the case aboce Lebron James is a great example. Instead of bothering with a hashtag like #LebronJames lets just call him directly. His Twitter handle is @KingJames….
So we could say “The #MiamiHeat @KingJames, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh #bobbleheads!  goo.gl/LL2z2
Or we could go further and find Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh’s handles and use them as well. This really helps interject your tweet into the conversation.
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