Holiday Shopping Report: eCommerce Shattering Records


This holiday season is proving to be a record-breaking one for eCommerce. As brick-and-mortar Black Friday sales dropped from previous years, reports are showing that this week’s Cyber Monday numbers were even higher than projected. The entire 5-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday is actually up double digits from last year. Consumers are using websites more often than ever to grab deals and shop for everyone on their list. It is important for companies to maximize this incredible traffic to further increase sales by offering a secure environment and a reliable site interface. Businesses must also look ahead to 2015 and plan for marketing strategies and improvements to make next year even more profitable.

Online retailers are seeing a sharp increase in sales this season. According to comScore, “For the five-day period from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, online buying from desktop computers totaled $6.6 billion, up 24 percent versus last year.” Although there were reports that Cyber Monday had started to run its course with consumers, the numbers are saying otherwise. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores are seeing flagging numbers this year so far, showing that consumers are turning towards online shopping as their preferred shopping experience. Having an eCommerce site that is properly designed, managed and monitored is now becoming a true requirement for companies to succeed in capturing their fair share of this spending.

It is not too late to take action to help increase online shopping sales. Continuing to offer promotions and incentives will bring revenue, but will also ensure that your company is capturing the attention of site visitors that have abandoned items in carts. Sending simple follow-up emails to remind a potential customer that they have items waiting in their cart can help draw them back to a site and get them to complete a purchase. And, while sending that email, include a special offer or add-on to give them even more incentive. If you are monitoring the traffic to your site you will be able to more closely target your customers to convert views to sales.

Nothing can slow down sales faster than a poorly performing interface. Make sure that your website is running at its peak potential. Slow response times and outages due to spikes in traffic are not easy to recover from, as customer trust can be easily lost in these situations. A site looking to increase sales during the holidays must offer a completely secure and reliable environment. Breaches in security will cost much more to a company’s bottom line than the costs to protect customer data and improve your site’s performance. Also, as consumers are using mobile devices more to shop, you must ensure that your site is optimized to perform well on all devices, or risk losing shoppers. The Washington Post reported that “mobile sales on Cyber Monday were 27.6 percent higher than last year, while mobile devices for the first time accounted for more than half of online traffic on Thanksgiving”.

Given these outstanding numbers, it will be crucial that online retailers continue to improve their monitoring and marketing in 2015. Email campaigns that are tailored to customers that purchased on your site during the holidays will help encourage repeat business. Collecting and analyzing data on promotional performance and who was shopping with you will help inform decisions on future offers. This data will help you place ad dollars and start a plan for the next year’s holiday season.

Consumers are purchasing more online than ever before and your eCommerce site needs to be stay on the cutting edge in order to capture as much revenue as possible. Integrating your email platform, producing accurate reports, boosting reliability and security and planning ahead can be daunting tasks without a reliable partner. HTMLGlobal® will bring years of eCommerce experience to your site. Allow us to help you analyze your site’s performance during this holiday season and we can show you how much we can help you increase your sales in 2015. Our eCommerce developers will offer you solutions that will increase your site’s sales. Fill out this brief contact form and we can begin your project to help bring you many happy holidays full of potentially record-breaking sales!

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