HTML Global® Search and Usability Report – Free for a Limited Time

Have you Googled your business lately? Were you happy with the results? If not, it may be time to search out some important analysis of your own. In fact, if you are not analyzing your SEO performance you are missing out on an essential element to your company’s’ exposure. With hard-to-ignore stats like “75% of users never scroll past first page of

results”, you can no longer ignore how easily, or not, you can be found in searches. But, to start this process, you need a thorough understanding of your site’s search and usability.

For a limited time, HTML Global® will provide you with a customized Search and Usability report for FREE! This valuable tool will review the key factors that influence the SEO performance and usability of your site. In this report, you will receive actionable advice and information on the following:

1. Search and Usability

This section will provide you with competitor information, page ran, keyword analysis and link performance, all of which directly affect your SEO placement.

2. Mobile

Learn how your website performs for mobile users and how that is affecting your search results.

3. Usability

Our sophisticated analysis gives you tips and analysis for usability factors like trust indicators, load time, above the fold content, URL strength and more.

4. Technologies

Get to know the technologies used on your website and how they are affecting performance.

5. Backlinks

Provides a detailed rundown of the other sites that use backlinks back to your website and allow for more credibility to your content.

6. Social

A snapshot of your website’s social sharability. Easily see data which represent social media influences on your URL.

7. Local

Shows you the local directories where your business can be found. Also offers you the latest reviews of your business from these sites.

8. Visitors

Learn important information about who is visiting your website, including referral traffic, location, page-views, behaviors, source domains, and total monthly visitors.

All of this is included in our FREE (for a limited time) Search and Usability report. After you receive your report, choose to take action on your own or you can work with our SEO experts to begin to optimize your website. Take advantage of this limited offer and contact us to get your report started. Stop searching on your own for SEO solutions and get found today with HTML Global®.

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