IT Consulting

We will be your CIO.

HTML Global offers technology consulting services. We can help you create a cost-effective timesaving plan for implementing new technologies, or for solving existing issues with your infrastructure.

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You have a technical challenge
and need an expert.

Maybe you’re opening a second location or growing your client base or user base or both! Maybe you need to migrate from old software to something modern. Need to tweak a database configuration. Need to migrate to a better database. Need better security. Need a video conferencing solution that doesn’t break down all the time. Technology has permeated so many aspects of life and business, and in so many different ways, that it is often infeasible to learn everything there is to know about technology while also keeping your life, organization or business afloat.

What is an IT Consultant?

An IT Consultant is an information technology specialist that advises you on computer-related issues that may be beyond your expertise or the expertise of individuals within your organization.

What can you do for me?

We become your own personal CIO.

  • Project management: making sure things run smoothly and on time
  • System analysis: making sure we understand your goals and needs and any potential interactions between all your systems
  • System installation: setting it up and getting it ready for you to use

    Help! My issue is industry-specific!

    At HTML Global, we have a broad pool of internal expertise on many different technology specializations. We also act as a liaison to outside subject matter experts should a question or issue come up that cannot be answered by one of our staff.

    We Have Experts In:

    • Technology Planning and Analysis
    • Systems Analysis
    • Requirements Gathering
    • Technology Documentation
    • Workflow Planning

    • Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Phone Systems – VOIP and Mobile
    • Network Hardware and Servers
    • Video and Audio Systems
    • IT Hardware Solutions

      • Security Cameras and Hardware
      • Software Solution Consulting
      • Payroll and HR Software
      • Sales Support Software
      • Customer Management Software

      • Web Hosting Solutions
      • SEO Solutions
      • e-Commerce Solutions
      • Office Suite Solutions
      • Reporting Software

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