IT Support and Managed Services

We help support your business so you can get back to work!

HTML Global provides expert technical support services to its clients, through the management solutions we provide. Once you have made the decision to implement our productivity and communication services, we allow you to go back to operating your business while we worry about maintaining your chosen services.

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Our professional and knowledgeable staff will not only keep everything running smoothly, but they can also offer training to you and your employees.

Managed Services

We understand how expensive it can be to hire and maintain your own IT department. HTML Global offers a variety of on-site support options, including IT department outsourcing, staff augmentation, outsourced CIO and break fix support. Our support technicians are highly qualified to meet your technology solution needs and will take the right precautions to ensure security and efficiency within your company’s network infrastructure.

Remote Support

We offer a variety of support types, including remote support, one of our most efficient ways to support our clients. Remote support is very safe and secure and the only person logging onto your computer is one of our certified technicians. Remote support also reduces transportation costs, making it a major convenience for both parties. You can schedule a technician to service your computer nearly any time of the day, and often on the same day you call. Remote support does not rely on location and allows you to be far outside of our service area, virtually anywhere in the country. The support is available for you when you need it.


We provide our clients with some of the best and most reputable protection software. HTML Global takes client protection very seriously as we provide expertise in securing networks, reducing threats, and mediating risks. We closely monitor our protection tools to ensure the safety of your company’s information and personal data.

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