Local Business Listings: Optimizing Your Google Ads

Local Business Listings are very important to establishing Google page rank, building local credentials, and reaching the potential customers that mean the most to your business. This applies to making sure you’re on all of the right directories, to aligning yourself locally with social media, to fine tuning your Google ads so that they maximize local impact. Here are a few great ways to localize your Google ads without increasing your budget.

1. Sitelink Extensions – You’ve probably noticed that some ads on google search appear bigger than others, with multiple links and more specific information. What you might not have known is that these bigger ads cost exactly the same as the smaller ones you’re accustomed to. These ads use Sitelink Extensions, and they are a great way to show your depth, highlight that you’re local, get people to the right page, and take up space that your competitors would otherwise occupy. To activate sitelink extensions, go into the Ad Extensions tab of your campaign. Under the View window, select Sitelink Extensions. Create up to six new extension links that will direct users to specific pages within your website.

2. Location Extensions – Adding your location to your bigger, extension-optimized ads can help you get the most out of your campaign, too. To do this, choose Location extensions under the Ad extensions tab and create a location. Google will want to link this up to Google places, and then display your address along with your ad. Again, this will take up more space and help you connect with local potential clients. This is big news for small businesses or really anyone doing business locally. If you have multiple locations, you can even customize which shows up depending on the location of the searcher.

3. Call Extensions – It may seem trivial, but adding your phone number to your Ad extension can make the difference between a passing glance and an inquiry. Choose Call Extension in the View menu under Ad extensions and add your phone number. If you have a local number, this will align you with the right local searchers and give you regional credibility. In any case, it will prompt interested parties to get on the phone and communicate with you directly. If you do this without clicking your ad, you don’t even have to pay for it!

4. Geographic Restrictions – It’s important to tweak your ads for geographic relevance, and local dominance. Take a look at the Locations tab under the Settings tab of your Ad campaign. Figure out where you get the most impressions and adjust your bid by 10% or more so that you’re spending more money to reach your target cities and less on people in areas irrelevant to your business. If your goal is local business, you should adjust in by up to 50%.

These are just some of our recommendations on how to optimize your Google ads for local business. Contact HTML Global today and learn more about how to execute the instructions above and how we can help you grow your business locally and beyond.

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