Is your company being found by people looking for services similar to what you offer? Do your customers get accurate location information for your organization when they are nearby? If not, you need the assistance of our Marketing Consultants to help you optimize and utilize three different location services opportunities.

  1. Google Places Listings – We will work with you to build your Google Places Listing, so that you not only show up on Google Maps, but that your information and all contact links are correct and visible to existing and potential customers.
  2. Improve Local Business Listings – We will use state of the art programs to ensure that your company’s local business listings are accurate and visible to customers
  3. Optimize Local Listing Campaigns – Similar to the work you do to get your ads noticed with Google Adwords, our experts will optimize your local listings into campaigns to ensure that your company is seen over others in Google Maps searches and from mobile devices.

Click GET STARTED and our experts will contact you to help optimize your local listings right away.