Make the Science of Search Go to Work for Your Small Business Website

Science of Search

In “Field of Dreams,” farmer Kinsella hears a whispering voice that urges him, “if you build it, he will come.” While this fictional advice may have succeeded in getting the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson to return to the baseball diamond, it will do precious little to persuade would-be customers to find your small business website. Even if some do arrive, can they find what they search for? If you make the science of search go to work for you, they not only find what they look for but you stand a better chance of making the sale.

Get a Search and Usability Report

What is the level of your website’s search engine optimization? How does the site perform? Does the website structure actually facilitate easy searching or does it lead to broken links and loops?

Two Pairs of Eyes See More Than One

You spent countless hours on your website. You lovingly erected it from the ground up and learned a little bit more about website building as you went along. While this is certainly laudable, there is a good chance that some of your earlier pages are not up to your current-day standards. Work with a web development expert who specializes in the science of search to help you see areas that need improvement. Fix items that prevent your business website from being found on the worldwide web right now.

Make the Right Contacts

Business, not just politics, is always local first. Are you listed in local business directories that your likely customers would consult when searching for your type of product or service? Do you even know the names of these directories? Work with a professional organization that manually enters your business information into more than 40 local directories. Imagine what it can do for your business when your niche-specific keywords, logos and identifying information finally get before the eyes of the public!

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