MakerBot 3D Replicators

With MakerBot 3D Replicators and products, you can give your students a versatile tool for making high-quality 3D prints while preparing them with skills for jobs of the future.

Join the growing number of K-12 schools bringing project-based learning to life with hands-on 3D printing projects and teaching problem solving through design.

HTML Global is an authorized MakerBot reseller and can help you get these amazing 3D replicators into your classrooms.

MakerBot provides a unique 3D Printing Ecosystem that goes beyond hardware to allow beginners and experts alike to immediately leverage the best of 3D printing.

  • MakerBot PLA Filament: Classroom-safe, available in 30+ colors and special properties, and rigorously tested to perform on our printers.
  • MakerBot Smart Extruder: Swappable technology allows for quick maintenance and compatibility with future filament innovations.
  • MakerBot Desktop and PrintShop™: Free software for discovering, creating, and managing 3D printable files.
  • MakerBot Learning: Empower your team to leverage 3D printing with personalized, hands-on professional development courses taught by 3D printing experts.
  • Free downloadable and printable 3D files that anyone can use to get started with 3D printing right away
MakerBot 3D Replicators

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