New Google Apps Features – Easy Reply Button in Gmail, Import VCF Contacts Finally With Just a Click!

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Why the new compose experience in gmail is great!

Easily switch between message types in the new compose experience.

New Reply Button, Easy VCF Import


So here is one thing we have been waiting for and another we have not. The new compose experience in G-mail has brought several positive changes. G-mail added a “Type of Response” button that easily changes your response from just a reply to a reply all or even a forward, an additional option now allows you to change the subject line of the message. This is handy in conversation view. Another long-awaited change is easy import of vcf files. Downloading and importing was a real drag but the new button gives you one click access to vcf import without any further steps, it will even find and remove duplicate data.

All of this is available inside the new compose experience in G-mail. Some users have been a little confused and frustrated by the new compose experience in G-mail but with a little use and practice it is much easier to use, saves screen space and ensures efficiency. Less time switching between windows and screens reduces the amount of time we spend on e-mail, which makes us all a tiny bit more productive. Keep in mind that the new compose experience will become permanent in the coming months, so switching back to the old compose experience should be done sparingly.

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