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Online Local Business Listings

Take Your Online Local Business Listings to the Next Level with One Robust Tool

Consumers hold the power of knowledge right in their hands. Using smartphones and tablets, a new shopper is armed to find the right price, the right location and the right recommendation for any product or service they need. Optimizing the online local business listings these savy consumers are seeking for information is key to any marketing plan – and it’s a crucial step towards securing your business’s online presence. Powerlistings+ offers you the chance to manage your local business listings in one spot, without having to spend time manually keeping up with each site. Imagine being able to reach 100+ listing sites in one location. Pretty handy, right? And think of all of the time you’ll be saving…

A Real-Time Solution for Updating Your Google Listings

How many times have you been shopping or curious about a product and you said to yourself “Google it”? It’s no secret that consumers of all kinds turn to Google to find information, business hours, location, phone numbers, deals, photos and much more about local businesses. As a business owner, keeping this information updated can be a challenge and often requires contacting Google directly and waiting hours and days to see your information updated. In late 2015 Google opened up its developer API for Google my Business, Google Search, and Google Maps, leading to a revolutionary development for any business owner. Powerlistings+ now connects with and syncs to Google. (and there was much rejoicing) We’re excited about this addition because now you can truly control ALL of your local business listings from one place with Powerlistings+. Stay on top of your listings and ahead of changes with Google. For example, last year, Google started requiring that any business who hadn’t been logged into their Google My Business account in over 6 months log in or risk being unverified. With Powerlistings, your account is constantly synced and active so you won’t worry about missing big changes like this.

Engage, React and Respond to Online Reviews

One of our favorite features of Powerlistings+ is it’s amazing Review Catcher. As a Powerlistings+ customer, you will receive real-time notification of negative reviews, allowing you to respond to any negative posting in a timely manner. Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth and may be even more powerful than the traditional way of passing along good news about a product or service. According to a recent study, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. These numbers don’t lie. Reviews can make or break a local business. Having a way to address anything negative said about your company is invaluable in this kind of consumer environment.

Take control of your online local business listings with Powerlistings+. Between the power to update listings across hundreds of website – including Google! – at once and also catch and react to reviews this service saves you time, effort and money. And those are just a couple of the features offered with a Powerlistings+ subscription.

Please contact us at 800-So-Simple (767-4675) or by email for more information about this great product and for a complimentary online local business listings scan to see how your business is being seen in local business listings.

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