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Larry is a long-time technology enthusiast who spends most of his free time keeping up with the industry and fine tuning his hardware and software knowledge. A lifetime of family computer problems had him seasoned in the field before he left high school; he holds two places on the “hall of fame” there, one for 2008 class clown and one for track and field state qualification. Starting off in the criminal justice path, he quickly realized his true calling and began attending the College of DuPage studying Computer Networking. When he’s not surrounded by technology, you can find Larry enjoying 18 holes or fishing for a nice-sized bass (even then he probably would snap a photo with his camera). Some of Larry’s most recent accomplishments include renovating his entire house by his own hand, building a desktop PC overclocked to 4.9GHz, and starting his own automotive photography business. Larry is an outgoing, organized, and abstract person the technology industry will be seeing an exponential amount of in the future.

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