When Should You Pay for Social Media Marketing?

Social Media marketing continues to rise in importance for small businesses. We’ve written about it in the past; it’s a cost-effective, personal way of getting information to your customers and getting feedback on your products. But networks like Facebook and Twitter also offer paid advertising solutions that may help significantly contributing to your marketing strategy. When would it make sense for you to utilize these? Let’s examine.

Establish Your Page

First off, it’s imperative to have a well-established, well-run social media page before beginning to promote your content. Consider that when they see your ads, your audience will likely want to check out your page or profile to learn more. If you don’t have high-quality content and interaction, they’ll be less than impressed, leave, and you’ll be left without a result. Spend time building content on your profiles so that your customers are intrigued to interact with your social media presence. This is especially important when you start a campaign to increase your Facebook likes or Twitter followers. Once your audience starts following you, they’ll see your posts regularly in their news feed, so make sure that you post personal, friendly and varied updates.

Determine the Budget

The beauty of paid social media marketing is that you can determine the budget almost freely. If you want to promote a link to your website for a week with a high budget, you can spend hundreds of dollars. But you can also spend as little as $5, and the only difference is that you’ll reach less people. This freedom means it’s important to go into paid content knowing your resources. Set a monthly budget and plan your promotions ahead of time to ensure you’ll stay under that amount.

Target Specifically

Facebook and Twitter both offer targeting options that go into detail about the age, personal interests and locations of your audience. Use this to your advantage by targeting exactly the kind of people that would be interested in your product or service when creating a new ad. This does not only make common sense, it’s also smart financial behavior. The more specifically you target on Facebook, the more people you reach with the same budget.

Don’t Feel Compelled

Most importantly, don’t let Facebook or Twitter convince you that just because you have the option to promote your posts or increase your likes, you should absolutely do it. The beauty of social media marketing for small businesses remains the fact that even without spending any money at all, it can significantly increase your visibility. If you have a little money in your budget to add to your marketing outreach, that’s great. If not, your social media work will still be worthy.

Paid social media marketing can get pretty sophisticated. HTML can help you establish your page, determine budget, and target specifically to ensure that your marketing investment proves fruitful. Contact us today to start developing your social media marketing strategy.