BetterCloud is a browser based application that will enable you to have insights, control and automated management with a completely secure method to integrate with the Google for Work Platform.


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Product Description

BetterCloud allows users to:

Audit & Discover – view your licensing and storage and reveal all information across your entire environment. Sophisticated features allow you to take control of all of your assets easily and safely.

Manage Users and Directories – a full range of access controls allow you to manage all aspects of the user profiles, and their full history, in one place. Streamline tasks to help save time with items like user onboarding or purging.

Monitor & Alert – take control of third party apps, alerts on your domain, password management and more. Bettercloud uses powerful tools to help you with compliance across your organization.

Customize Reporting – use Bettercloud’s 100 different attributes to get fully customizable reporting for your Google for Work/Google Apps network.

HTML Global® will help you make the most of your BetterCloud account and ensure that your Google Apps environment works exactly as it should – safely. Click GET STARTED to fill our a brief form and one of our experts will contact you to start the process of protecting and managing your assests with BetterCloud.


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