HTML is proud to be a Citrix Service partner. Citrix offers a full suite of products that we can utilize to help streamline your business technology management solutions.

GoToAssist is simple, fast and secure, so you can deliver amazing support.

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Citrix GoToAssist, the market leader in remote support for the past 5 years, is an integrated suite of support tools with an excellent balance of power and ease of use. By combining remote support, service management and monitoring capabilities, it will make your support and service team more efficient – and keep your customers happy. IT consultant, managed services provider, internal or external support, contact center…whatever your needs, GoToAssist has your business covered.

Features include Remote Support, Monitoring and Service Desk and you can choose to install all three or just one to two of the powerful services. Mobile apps, upgrades and 24/7/365 product support are always included for GoToAssist users.

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