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Effective communication with your customers begins with great email marketing. MailChimp is the most comprehensive and thorough email-marketing program available. HTML can assist its clients with creating professional emails that will reach their intended subscriber-base, using the fun, innovative and feature-packed MailChimp.

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Product Description

Benefits of MailChimp and HTML Email Marketing Services:

  • Easily create professional-looking emails, save templates, replicate campaigns and more state-of-the-art features
  • Effortlessly manage subscriber lists
  • Connect your content with your social media channels in one click
  • Full reporting and analytics such as Subscriber Activity Report, Campaign Reach Chart, Open and Click Tracking and more.
  • Email Diagnosis to check that your campaign will be delivered to and viewable in the Top 10 email clients on your subscriber lists
  • Premium analytic services available that can be connected directly to an ecommerce store
We offer the following email products but HTML specializes in customizing an email marketing plan for clients that allows for optimized performance through MailChimp.
Click “Get Started” and a friendly HTML representative will contact you to learn more about your needs and start your project.


One-Click MailChimp

Email Campaign

One-Click MailChimp

Plus Content

Includes: Includes:
Phone Consultation Phone Consultation
Personalized Account Setup Personalized Account Setup
Distribution of Client created content
Engaging Content created by HTML based on company’s marketing goals and needs
Content Connected to Social Media Channels Content Connected to Social Media Channels
Delivery Optimization Delivery Optimization