Recent News and and Updates to Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work

In September, Google announced a name change to one of its most popular products. What we have come to know as Google Apps for Business is now called Google Apps for Work. This change highlights Google’s ability to simplify experience for its users and reminds us that this powerful suite of apps helps us get things done, no matter what our definition of work may be. Even when they aren’t announcing major changes to the product, Google treats users to many important updates to Google Apps for Work. Installing and managing these updates can help increase your team’s user experience and productivity. It can be challenging to keep track of all of the latest news from Google, but this article will help you breakdown some of the most noteworthy rollouts from the last couple of months.

1. Improved Publishing for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
Anyone working in Docs, Sheets or Slides can now easily publish or embed these items directly to a website. If you have an important document or presentation you wish to share with your customers, you can choose to embed or publish the item to your site, and share its content with users in a easy, secure way.

2. Google Apps Marketplace Now Available to Non-Admins
On October 7th, Google Apps for Work admins will now be able to allow other users in their organizations to add approved apps directly to their browser, without having to visit the outside site directly. Previously, non-admin users could not install these approved apps. Admins will be able to control this feature and turn it off, if desired, and all K-12 EDU domains will automatically have this feature set to off.

3. More Ways to Build and Share Google Forms
Anyone using Google Forms will be pleased with a couple of great updates to this application. You will now be able to easily search menus, instead of having to click each and scroll, by hitting “Alt + /” which will bring up a search bar. Google has also added a feature that will shorten the form URLs for easier sharing. Along with these changes, there are new ways to manage your forms like allowing only one response per person per form, shuffling questions for randomizing forms, and validating information for grid questions.

4. Support for 3rd Party Internationalized Email Addresses in Calendar and More Easily Insert Special Characters into Google Docs, Slides and Drawings
If you have employees or clients overseas, you may have experienced the frustration of not being able to share Calendar items with 3rd party internationalized email addresses. Perhaps you also have had trouble locating special characters in Google Docs or Slides, to allow you to properly communicate in these sectors. In September, Google fixed these issues by allowing users to use accented or non-latin characters to invite guests, share tasks and perform other actions in Calendar. They have also made it much easier to insert and and find shapes, characters and symbols while working in Docs, Slides and Drawings. Users can now use a special picker that supports keyword search as well as free form input, such as drawing the symbol you are looking for, within these apps.

5. Simplified Sharing Experience for Google Docs Editors and Google Drive
It was already easy to share Docs and Drive items with coworkers, clients, and other important people but Google has gone above and beyond to improve this functionality even further, with this latest update. Now, when sharing a Doc or Drive item, you will see a “Get Shareable Link” button that will allow you to copy and share a “Can View”-only link with anyone. And, if you want to allow the person to comment or edit the Doc you can change that status simply by dropping down the menu that is within that button. This update allows you to share Docs even more quickly than before. You can also still enter email addresses and share just as you have in the past, if that is more suitable to your situation.

6. New Versions of Drive Apps for iOS and Android
Google has released new, fully updated versions of its iOS and Android apps for Drive. Now users will be able to view, download and print directly from these apps on their mobile devices. Make sure that the latest versions of the apps have been installed on your mobile device, however, as this is not just an update but a new app rollout and does require installation on the mobile device.

Google Apps for Work, while new in name, remains on the cutting edge for business productivity. However, keeping up with the many updates and changes to this product can be a time-consuming task. At HTML Global® we are experts in Google products and our staff stay current with news on these popular products. From initial setup to daily use, we can help your organization make the most of Google Apps for Work and its many robust features. Contact us today to learn more about Google Apps for Work or how these updates can help your company succeed!

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