Science of Search How search is a science not an art

Science of Search

Search is not an art, its a science.

A lot of people build websites, some are graphic designers or artists. Do they understand the science of search? They build sites as part of a design package or branding experience for a customer and many of them look great. But business owners have to ask themselves one question. Why do I need a website? The answer MUST always be the same. To bring in business.

How good is a website that looks great but no one can find?

Science of Search

Many web designers are just that, designers. But search is not an art, it’s a science. Unless you hire someone with extensive knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine marketing your site will not be found! You need someone who looks at things like analytics data, keywords, meta tags, virality and click rates. Someone who understands time of day, open rates, tag consistency, sitemaps and PageRank. There is a lot that goes into the science of search and demographics knowledge is not enough.

We evaluate every business with hundreds of different criteria to determine issues effecting their search performance. We don’t design sites we develop them, using tools to ensure high search performance. We look at the big picture because your businesses web exposure is more than just your site. We have tools to determine how your businesses listings are being reflected locally, monitoring reviews and interacting with your customers.

We don’t design sites we develop them.

When know how to adjust your site’s titles, descriptions and keywords for bigger impact to help you turn clicks into clients.

Science of Search

Starting next week we will be publishing an ongoing series of Blog posts about the science of search. We will pick out a specific topic and tell you how you can increase your search visibility through science.

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