Share this with Friends! Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Social media marketing is grown at an unprecedented rate.

It used to be that your website needed one icon – a symbol to “Like us” on Facebook.  And now there’s a list of symbols.  Share this with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and the list goes on.  Social media marketing is growing at an unprecedented rate.  Large companies joined in as soon as they became aware of what an effective marketing tool social media could be.  It’s time for your small business to do the same.  You need the professional services of Hunt Technology Management Limited (HTML) to help you get started.

Everyone hopes to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to their website, but for businesses large and small, the bottom line is to increase sales and revenue.  You may not realize a giant ROI or customers breaking your door down when you first enter the Internet world of social media marketing, but there are other ways to profit that cannot yet be measured statistically.

Increase Website Traffic – Tweeting your blog posts or sharing website content on Facebook will lead your followers and friends to your website.  Be sure to keep your website updated and be ready with a call to action.

Stand Out – Customers and potential customers are checking to see if you are using social media.  Get ahead of your competition because if you don’t engage these people in social media, another business will.

Build Your Brand – You decide how to position your business and what to share.  Consistent reminders and repeat exposure of the benefits and advantages of using your product or service will keep your company at the top of their mind, exactly where you want to be when they are ready to purchase.

Authority and Trust – By sharing relevant, first-rate content as an authority in your industry and responding to clients’ concerns and questions, you will quickly build a base of loyal followers who trust you and your brand.  The larger your audience, the more your posts, Tweets, and Pins will be shared, and the more interest your company will attract.

Online Community – Your followers are your community.  Instantaneously, you can get feedback on anything – the change you recently made to an existing product, a new service that you are considering, or simply their thoughts about the hometown baseball game.

It may take time to build momentum with social media marketing, especially for very small businesses, and the immediate benefits may not be as obvious or accountable as we would like.  But the benefits of repeat exposure and sharing relevant content in order to establish brand recognition, integrity, trust, and community involvement are very critical to your long-term, business success.

To speak with an industry expert at HTML Global about how we can help you to set up social media marketing for your local business – contact us today.

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