Business Technology Solutions

HTML Global® is a value added business IT solutions provider. We offer a wide range of technology and consulting services to businesses in every industry. We believe that IT costs should go down over time and promise you the best services at reasonable prices. We will keep your business moving forward while saving you money and time.

Small Business IT Solutions

Networking and Hardware Support

We can provide your business onsite technical support, hardware design, systems analysis, server and workstation setup, on site and remote support. Our technicians our trained to provide a friendly, open source environment and will handle every issue with care. HTML Global will be a trusted partner to ensure that your infrastructure works just as hard as you do.

Technical and Communication Solutions

HTML Global® partners with hundreds of technical and communications providers so that we can offer the best software options to our clients. We offer Google Apps for Work integration and support, credit card processing, telecom solutions, support services, and more to help keep your business running at its top potential.

Digital Marketing

As you are building your online presence, HTML Global® can assist you with marketing your brand’s image. We can help you continue to build upon your new site or services by increasing your company’s exposure with our Digital Marketing Services. We help you find your ideal customers by using services like Google AdWords, Search and SEO, Location Services, Email Marketing, Social Media and other tools that are crucial to the success of any modern business.

 Web Development

Our team of expert developers have over 25 years experience building websites that meet the demands of our clients. Our approach focuses around driving traffic, building engaging content and helping to increase our customers bottom line.

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