Social Media Marketing: 3 Reason You Should Have a Google+ Page

A lot of businesses think of Social Media Marketing purely in terms of Facebook and Twitter, and this is a mistake. Sure, these are certainly the giants in the social media world, but there are opportunities for growth in a variety of other social media platforms. One of these is Google+. To view Google+ as a lesser version of Facebook is to miss the point, and miss an opportunity. Google+ occupies a different space altogether than Facebook, and there are some concrete reasons to invest a bit of your time into it. Here are just three of them:

1) Google+ effects search – Google wants more people to use Google+, and they’re willing to reward those who help them get what they want. It’s widely acknowledged that having a Google+ page that links to your website, and having a website that links back to your Google+ page directly from the homepage, will increase your Google search engine ranking. This is a pretty cut and dry reason to use create a Google+ page before you even finish reading this post. .

2) Google+ hangouts and discussions are great – Google+ has an advantage over Facebook when it comes to serious forums for professional discussions. While Facebook is crowded and elementary, Google+ discussions tend to err on the more professional, more selective side. Starting a discussion within a topic that relates to your business is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader and make some connections as well.

3) Google+ seamlessly integrates – Your business probably already uses a variety of Google platforms. You might compete for Google search traffic, post videos on YouTube (owned by Google), photos on Picasa, and list your business on Google Maps. All of these converge under one roof on Google+, and activity on one builds visibility for all of them. You’ll always want to have a robust presence on Google, considering it makes up a huge portion of the internet.

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