Social Media Marketing Proves Successful and Efficient

Here’s another reason why businesses should practice social media marketing: it’s efficient. Businesses don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to see a major improvement in their marketing results.

A recent study by Neustar shows that social media is the most efficient channel of digital marketing. Here’s how the report summed up its finding:

“Social led in reach: outperforming exchanges by 37 percent. According to the Index, social has led in reach for the last three quarters, demonstrating the important role it plays in efficiently reaching users not found on other channels. Social also demonstrated the best cost-efficiency this quarter, indexing 350 percent below the industry average.”

Social media marketing remains a low-hanging fruit for businesses because it shows results without requiring major investments. The current scenario may not remain like this forever, so it’s important for businesses to take advantage of the opportunity now.

But here’s the kicker concerning the study: social media marketing is clearly effective, but only when properly executed. The fact is that most businesses receive either training or consulting regarding social media marketing.

What exactly do businesses ask when receiving guidance? It’s a variety of questions, ranging from: What should I post?; How many social media accounts should I have?; How do I acquire more followers?; How should I communicate and interact with followers?

These are all good questions, and they make the difference between effective and ineffective social media marketing. As stated before, social media marketing doesn’t require huge upfront investments. So if businesses don’t do they’re research, they won’t exactly lose money. They will, however, waste time and a big opportunity.

Social media marketing is more complex than some firms give it credit. But with the right training and guidance, businesses can use social media to expand their market reach, interact with new and old followers, and advertise new products and services. If you would like more information about social media marketing, and how HTML Global can help you with your plan, contact us today!