Stop Using Zoom for Teleconferencing. Here’s Why.

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The FBI Cybercrime Division urges discontinuation of its use after a surge of recent Zoom security breaches.

Source: FBI Warns of Teleconferencing and Online Classroom Hijacking During COVID-19 Pandemic

Zoom security issues can affect any user.

Here are the following known issues:

1. Zoom was (has stoppedsending data to Facebook on Zoom users of their iOS app without consent even if the users did not have a Zoom or Facebook account. This is a blatant privacy violation.

2. It has been found that windows users’ credentials may have been leaked while using Zoom.

3. It was found that on Mac OSX that the Zoom app installs a secret server in the background that can allow a hacker to turn on the camera and microphone without permission or knowledge.

4. It has been found that hackers can inject code into zooms chat feature compromising computers.

5. Many districts have reported hackers breaking into streams and injecting pornprofanities and hate speech into communications between teachers and students.

6. Their system has been found to not actually be encrypted

7. There are several other unreleased security issues that are currently pending public release that Zoom has been made aware of but has not yet acted on. (While writing this email one of them became exposed – They are sending LinkedIn data to China)

At this point, we must STRONGLY urge you not to use Zoom. You may be putting others’ online security at risk by continuing to do so.

You still need to teleconference. What are your options?

Google Hangouts Meet
Our highest recommended option as it is the least intrusive, secure and works well. (Note: this is Meet from or by creating a calendar invite at and inviting people to those meetings. We are not talking about Google Hangouts which is a different product)

Cisco WebEx Free This is a great option and is also free right now

Microsoft Teams This is a second great option and is also free to schools

Our Customers’ Security is our Highest Priority.

We have instructed all of our techs to no longer provide any support around Zoom and discourage its use to anyone who calls in with Zoom-related questions. In many cases, we have taken the additional step to block Zoom from our customers’ network and devices.

We are here to help.

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