Build a Business Website

Build a Business Website with Hunt Technology Management Limited

All the work has been put into building the physical business.  Now, it is time to build the virtual business.  It can be quite time consuming. Ease of use.  Your website should be easy to use.  Adding content, customizing layouts, and contact information should be easy.  As a business owner, you are busy.  There is not enough time to spend a … Read More

Color Psychology


I just had a discussion with a client about color psychology and this randomly popped up in our HTMLGlobal twitter feed. (Might not have been so random… after all hmmm….) But anyway this infographic is a great explanation of color psychology. The original article is available here looks like they may have taken the infographic from the important thing here is that … Read More

The Blogging Format

Old static websites are a thing of the past. A long gone internet era where you could post a page or two what amounted to an internet business card expect people to not only find your page but bother to contact you, it just doesn’t exist anymore. Not that it really ever did. Years ago small businesses would pay a … Read More