Technology as a Service Offering from HTML Global

HTML Global's Technology as a Service offering

Businesses looking to reduce capital expenditures and take advantage of the best of technology need look no further than TaaS (Technology as a Service). Companies can gain a competitive edge without any outlay of upfront capital to get there and keep up to date with the latest in cybersecurity trends. HTML Global’s TaaS offerings allow businesses to save thousands of dollars by renting or leasing hardware and get the best technology at affordable predictive monthly operational costs.

This greatly improves a company’s flexibility, security, and efficiency. Many cybersecurity threats exist due to outdated systems that don’t have the latest in hardware and software-based defense. TaaS allows you to take advantage of the strongest security available without the big upfront price tag that comes with purchasing hardware. TaaS payments can also include our Managed Services allowing you to have one flat monthly fee per employee that includes both the hardware for that employee as well as IT services all rolled into one line item, worry less about your IT and get down to business.

Are you ready for a digital transformation?

Contact us today to rent a wide variety of PCs for a minimum 12-month contract, after which you can cancel, upgrade or go month-to-month on our Technology as a Service plan. No upfront expense, no long-term lease. Just pay for the technology and service you need when you need it.