The Blogging Format

Old static websites are a thing of the past. A long gone internet era where you could post a page or two what amounted to an internet business card expect people to not only find your page but bother to contact you, it just doesn’t exist anymore. Not that it really ever did. Years ago small businesses would pay a kid in someone’s basement (me at the time) a couple hundred bucks to put together a website with a few pages about the business, maybe a few photos, etc. Back then just having a website made you a big fish in a small pond, people would generate some business with a limited amount of work and got a lot of business if they worked at it daily. In todays internet there are so many fish in the pond that you have to be an entire school of fish of a unique color just to get noticed.

That’s where blogging comes in, heck your reading this right now so it must be working… and just reading this you have been on our site for oh maybe an entire minute. In this day in age a minute is almost 20 minutes of someone’s attention 10-15 years ago. I’d say that’s pretty good, you have been here and I haven’t even given you a sales pitch yet… not that I am going to… I haven’t even gotten to the point yet, on the other hand maybe I already have. You stayed here you read what I have to say and you found this article due the the vast amounts of keywords it generated for search engines all across the web. This is what makes the blogging generation different. Blogging provides clients of any industry with creative unique and useful information while presenting the consumer with your sales pitch at the same time.

We know all the tricks and tips to get you going, to build your online brand and to deliver your customer with a free information service that will drive them to your site and keep them there while you give them a sneaky sales pitch that they won’t even see coming…