To follow, or not to follow, that is the question…

The average Joe that does not create websites every day has no idea that behind almost every website there are specific instructions given to search engines which denote whether or not that sites information should be indexed and made searchable on the web. If your corporate website was made by a kid in a basement or a guy over seas that sits around making nice looking websites for super cheap there is a good chance your site is not generating any web traffic. It looks great but its just sitting there. They may have even charged you a small “SEO” or search engine optimization fee but failed a very important step of removing the “noindex,nofollow” meta tag from your websites back end header information. They may have even put in a nofollow or noindex tag. If that tag is there search engines wont even bother with you, they will skip right over your site never to be seen again. Want to see if its there? Go to your website right click and go to “View Source” then look about 8-10 lines down, if it says nofollow or noindex anywhere in there then your sunk.


Just a few years ago there was good reason to add those nofollow noindex lines, they kept spammers from commenting on your posts if you blog or submitting junk on your contact us page and those tags made sure your site was never to be found, by anyone, ever. Nowadays there are several very inexpensive or even free software packages to combat spammers so they are easily detected and their junk is easily removed before you even notice.


If you need help with this and want to go from no traffic to a steady flow of new traffic from search engines give us a call or shoot us an e-mail.