Understanding Generic Top Level Domain Names

Whether you are unhappy with the length or look of your current domain name or you are looking for new opportunities to digitally market your business, generic top level domain names (gTLDs) will provide your company with many options for the future of its internet presence. These new extensions will be alternatives and can replace the currently used extensions like .com, .net, .biz and .org. This is a great new development for new businesses looking for catchy, unique domain names but also a great alternative for those that are unhappy with their current domain name. URLs like pamscafechicago.com, which can be tricky to read and spell out, can become unique addresses like pams.coffee or pams.chicago. These gTLDs will allow more choice, innovation and competition and will provide consumers with a new way to find information, products and services.

In the Spring of 2014, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), started to release the first of thousands of new generic top level domain names. These are being developed to increase competition and choice in the domain name space. New extensions are being released every day, with still plenty still to come, and include great branding opportunities like .coffee, .homes, .equipment, .technology, and .marketing, just to name a few. These new extensions will allow your business to stand out amongst competitors or better describe to your audience in which industry your business works. These new extensions are also being built to recognize characters outside of the standard 26-letter Latin alphabet. If your company name is written in a foreign language with unique characters or features certain accent marks, you will soon be able to ensure that these important branding pieces are included in your company’s domain name.

For many years the rules for selecting domain extensions were pretty clear, but those times are changing quickly. Until this year, companies without a .com in their web address felt they were at a disadvantage when it came to attracting customers to their sites. Now, with the use of a gTLD, the same companies can begin to find their Internet niche. The old way of approaching registration meant that only what was to the left of the dot was important to customers. However, gTLDs are allowing both the information to the left and right of the dot to take on a role of significance when securing new extensions and domain names. Smaller businesses trying to find their place in a market filled with larger corporations will now be able to purchase a domain name that better suits their business. Wouldn’t you rather be Bobs.Coffee than BobsCoffeeShop.com?

Many new gTLDs are already available for purchase. However, not all extensions are available at this time and the rollout process will continue throughout this year. Your company can pre-register for extensions it would like to capture. HTMLGlobal® can assist you with the process and will work to secure your purchase when they do become available. Even if you already have a domain name you are happy with, you should consider keeping that domain and adding gTLDs as additional layers to help direct specific types of customers or traffic to your site. This is just one of the many ways these new opportunities will help companies of all sizes expand their digital marketing.

The development of gTLDs is an exciting process that will change the way companies and organizations present their brand to the world. These will provide opportunities for choice, innovation, competition and new ways for consumers to find your business in the ever-growing space of the Internet. If you are interested in registering a unique domain name, please visit domains.htmlglobal.com and we will work with you to get a new or improved domain name, featuring one of the thousands of new gTLDs.

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