Website Match from Constant Contact

Website Match from Constant Contact

Constant Contact has some features that blow other bulk e-mail providers out of the water!

This new website match feature is no exception.

Last month as a kickoff event Constant Contact offered it’s new website match feature free of charge however it is now just $99. Brand recognition is very important and what better way to strengthen your brand then for your website and promotional e-mails to all look alike.  Hunt Technology Management Limited is a Constant Contact partner and we are ready to help down the road to success.

Start With Constant Contact Today

Do you want a fully managed Constant Contact Experience?

Look no further. We offer a “soup to nuts” solution.

Our One Click E-mail Marketing solution includes:

  • Hassle free e-mail marketing
  • A telephone interview to get your company details
  • Personalized setup of your Constant Contact account, including contact collection, opt-in emails and more
  • Distribution of your content, you just send us an e-mail and we insert and deliver
  • Connection to your social media accounts ensuring each message is distributed to your entire audience
  • Scientific approach to sending, we will send your messages on dates and times that will be most effective

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