When Customers Check Local Business Listings, Will They Find You?

You have a great website and have taken care to attract plenty of quality backlinks. The name of your company is attracting some attention and search engines are beginning to realize that you are an authority in your field. However, when customers check local business listings, they have difficulty finding your most basic business information.

The Pitfalls

You may have paid a lot of attention to the accuracy of your inventory listing, but did you take the same care when posting the basic information about your storefront location or business hours? Although it is true that the person surfing the Internet three states away does not care if you are open at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning, the local customer who is looking for exactly the type of business that you run does indeed care. If this information is missing, you are missing out on a would-be customer or client.

In addition to neglecting the listing of all of the data important to local shoppers, there is the mistake of entrusting your directory listings to third-party services that automatically submit your website. In the early years of the Internet, this was probably an acceptable approach to take. But as the number of business listings has grown, so have the number of steps required to successfully list a local business. Some things cannot be automated but call for a personal touch. Make a mistake here, and the reliance on decades-old marketing approaches can hurt you locally.

The Solution

Your business needs to be listed with the local directories that nearby consumers check when they are looking for the types of services that your company provides. Examples include Foursquare and MapQuest. Doctors should be listed on RateMDs. If you run a charming oceanfront bed and breakfast, be sure to have listings in Fodor’s and TripAdvisor.

Rather than going for a generic listing that does reveal very little about your company, you need to manually submit your business information to a wide variety of large and small directories. Each features different sets of listing categories and keywords. When a would-be customer not only finds your company name and logo but also a listing of business hours, specials and a map to your store or office, you are much more likely to get a visit. Remember: if you do not provide this type of detailed local listing, your competitors will.

It may appear a bit daunting to spend this much time on listing your business with a large number of directories. This is why you need Hunt Technology Management Limited (HTML) Contact us today to find out how we can help you boost your business locally.

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